Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Cup of Morning Tears

Is it okay if today i share a little about what i feel ? Well, actually I'm not in a good condition, but not in a pain too, but..... ah it is too complicated, sometimes i feel happy too much, and sometimes i feel so blue too much.

It is too early morning to be sad, I'm on the roof of my house, sometimes i imagine how it feels when i jump from this place to the ground, it is about 10 meters, will I be okay after that , or worse than before ? No, No, I'm not talking about suicide, how poor if I'm talking about that, i just.... yap, wanna know how it feels.

I miss my dad, i miss my dad when I'm feeling so distracted , close my eyes for a second, and i wish i have moved to the place i love, near my Dad, and horay my dad is staying here beside me, he is listening to my story, his only-undecided-daughter. I'm saying , throwing, flowing everything, everything about what i feel. But unluckily that's not true, my Dad is not here, is not listening to my story :( 

                                                            so what should i do ?


i have chaged to be someone i don't know, this is not me. I never find my self in a little problem and can't solve it alone. Come on ndy, it-is-just-a-little-heart-problem. Well, so how much i have to slap my face to realize that this is not important ? No, it is important, in fact i always think about this :(

                             It is a way too hurt, when you have to smile to the thing you don't love

*silent* *deep breath*

Indeed, I'm in trouble, trouble with my self, i have to let someone go, when actually i know i need him. No, it is not about my boyfriend. It is a way too hurt, and about to scream out loud " DON'T YOU KNOW I NEED YOU! " that's shit -,-

I know, i know, this is not good, not right, "God always has a good plan for you" , sometimes that words are being so mainstream, but i believe in that. 

 If i can't pay this, let the time pay that for me. If i can't solve it then let the God's miracle do the best.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Rainbow Cake in Jars

i know, i know, another rainbow cake, but.... this one is slightly different, maybe ? 
actually that day before i made this cake, i stared at a couple of jars on the table, those were carica ( kind of fruit ) jars. 
Everybody knows that i love sweet, i love make and i love eat them, sweets ! and maybe bake a dessert is my middle name.

Well, First of all, i omitted the label with the cutter ( frankly, lil bit scary -,- ) and you will get a couple of plain jar.

ofe-course you have to prepare what you need to make the rainbow cake, for the receipt you can get it from some sites, but be sure, the site that you follow has a good taste of rainbow cake haha
I used 4 eggs, 6 food colouring, milk, flour, granulated sugar, butter, baking powder, and vanilla powder. Last as the toping i used butter cream and sprinkle candy.

and mixed all the materials, mixed and mixed, mixed this and mixed that. added some colours, and BAKED! 
cut the cake as big as the jar, put them inside, gave some butter cream and last.....

SPRINKLE CANDY made them look so yummy !
that's why i love sweet, sweets, they will always do the best to make everyone happy

Put them inside refrigerator, in plan, i will give this rainbow cake for my special friends, one is for my best friend, she is such a really good listener and great advicer, then the other one i will give it to my best-bully-buddy who gave the caricas for me, indeed, i miss eat a sack of carica like what my father always bought for me.

I always spread my sweetest smile when i eat what i love most, for ex eat carica. I hope that my bestfriends will spread the sweetest smile for me when they eat my rainbow cake in jars. i hope :)))

if there is anything more fun than eating a rainbow cake in a jar then i don't know what is.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hot Rainy Night

one thing i do really enjoy about night is how you can wear your sexy black tops mix with any vintage bottom, and you will get higher!

Dying to try some warms from enchanting backless button shirt, i named her "Moonlit Amenities" my own design from @PRAMAcloths
she has a really great fabric and perfect black colour, so classy!

Collab with Starlight Mini Turban from @WhatIWoreStuff , my town local store, her name is flying high and higher nowadays. You are looking for any headbands ? turban ? bracelets? go straight to her!
you'd be dying to know how cute stuffs she has !

I'm in the mood of backless today, actually not because i did some treatment for my back haha but a part of my body i most love are neck and back. Some people , not me , say that i have a long neck and spacious shoulder .
For me ? i love all parts of my body, no exception, even occasional acne on my forehead haha

Feel more sexy with Earring again and again from @WhatIWoreStuff , did i tell you before ? i hate @Gisszy and @AdillaGanis (the owner), both of them always make me hungry of their stuff!

last photo was taken inside the car, it means the rain again and again was coming ! i have to go, see you , much loves !


Part of me is sad to rain-ize an outfits for summer and sunshine and bare legs. Why? Why i must make somethig adapt itself to a season it isn't intended for? Why ? Why must I adapt to colder weather, shorter days, and seemingly endless dark nights of wind and frost? 

see ? I'm still hanging out with this summer outfits. So much laugh, so much love, so much warm i make!
i just hate rain season, NO! i hate rain so much. Seems so cold and so not co-ol!

be friend with my skin colour backless shirt from @classtyleshop
make it cute with dotty skorts (skirt and shorts) from @PRAMAcloths
stand under The Secret, Unusual summer hat
and make it easy with Converse navy sneakers


@PRAMAcloths is my new brand, besides Owl in The Canopy. Today i have launched my 2nd Project "Dancing in The Rain" , the dotty skorts called :)
Look! My Camera! that's my grandpa's, i found it about 2 or 3 years ago, un-luckily the camera is broken , beach water did!

@classtyleshop is a local brand which has so much kewl vintage stuffs, stands in Solo and Jogja, and you don't have to be worry the owner is soooo kind-hearted!
today I'm wearing their backless shirt and pinky rosy vintage ring, fyi i have so much stuff i bought from them hehe
recommended seller, trusted, and whorted!

a minutes after my last photo , finally the rain was coming so i had to end my summer me time, uuu really miss summer :( summer always has a good weather passion better, much much better than other season !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Ngayogjazz Night

Sugeng Rawuh means Welcome

Long time no "hello" between us fellasssss , love love love
well, today i want to tell you something about what i love so much!
no, today is not about fashion, today is about myu-zic ! yap music!

this long weekend, mm half of my long weekend i have spent at Jogjakarta, Sunday, November 18th, Jogja had a really great jazz event called Ngayogjazz (my eyes got bigger when i knew that), so i decided to spend my holiday for watching that e-vent !
funny face or something corner

un-luckily , the rain was falling too hard that sunday , the more un-luckily i wore shoes, my fav shoes that night, the most un-luckily i got a dying big fight with Bizal -,- oh poor
butttt... some happiness came after, so much happiness
hanging-flying birds

i see this birds was hanging-flying-something on! so cute and so love them

actually i just want to see Bary Likumahuwa performace so i went to Panggung Pacul, but the show wasn't begin yet. Sooo, i went to Panggung Lesung and what?! i found emm ... i found what ?! i found Aljabar was on the stage !

Aljabar from Semarang

backless top by @classtyleshop
and met Okky, he is a jazz singer and his friend, i forgot the name -,- , maybe you are asking why he wore that thing? yaps, because the hard-long-rain-on-sunday-night , almost all of the visitors wore rain coat, me ? of-e-course not, i wore umbrella because i didn't have the rain coat. 

actually that night was so ah-mah-zing, gonna be more amazing if i didn't wear my moccasine, and didn't get a big fight with bizal -,-

 million candle or something called torchs ? they didn't die eventhough the rain was falling heavily
oh ya, the other half of my long weekend, i have spent them for made ombre shoes and galaxy t-shirt , i have pic-tweet-ed the results.
i also published my acoustic cover, not that great, indeed, i am just a bathroom singer haha

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jelly Mint Shoelture , Shoes with Culture

Goodnight ladieeees, how I miss you all
how are you how are you how are you ? *spreadingmyhugs

This time , i wat to introduce my new friends, Jelly Mint, guess who ?

Yap, Jelly Mint is a Shoes Maker Company from Solo, just like the title said, Shoes with Culture , indeed, we make some shoes with batik, as we have known that batik is one of our national identity. Actually I'm working for Jelly Mint as their marketing, but sometimes I make the shoes design , want to know who's my boss ? haha , She is the adorable one, Juwita Maharani (@juwita_maharani). Since I know that this company make some batik shoes, I'm a big glad to work for this company haha

well, you must be get so curious with our shoes, right ?

here they are, our babies ....

First is Drupadi , why Drupadi ? then follow our twitter @jellymintshop for the explain about this shoes
oh ya I'm about to make a blog for Jelly Mint so ... coming soon baby

and second is Sembadra , this shoes specially made for Kak Bethanny Putri , here her blog Afternoon Tea and Living Room.

So ladies, you want some ? follow us and grab the shoes!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My 2nd Year Loversary!

" I feel so close to you right now"

too morning ? big no! hha blogging in the morning is anti-mainstream
well, get to the point

that video was my anniversary gift for my boyfriend, Bizal but i called him bizzy or sometimes bizzu ( red: bizo) on the same bag i also gave him converse navy sneakers, like mine! so we have same sneakers , yay !

at that rainy night, i went to Solo Square and directly went to Sport Station, bought the navy sneakers, asked for 8 size , but unluckily the hadn't ! but the shop-keeper said that 7,5 was okay, i told the guard to try. There was no 8 size, my mood had lossst. And at the same time i was in a big fight with bizzy :(((
well, i decided to buy that 7,5 size shoes!

After that i went to KFC ( oh ya i went here with my sister, @ovryan ), bought some finger lickin' good, and i pleaded for help to ovryan to help me made that stop motion video, actually that was so failed video, because that was my first time, but what's the wrong of trying ?

and i also wrote a love letter for him haha 

"2nd times of October 27th we have spent together
How it feels baby ? haha
Really wreally I’ve lost my words, I just don’t know whattosay, or sometimes I think I am dreaming, yeah me and you
2nd year of our long distance relationship, are you tired enough ? I want your absence to be a reminder to me, reminding me that I love you so much that it hurts when you’re not with me.
While I’m writing this note, you’re away… and I’m here thinking about you.
I’m remarking to myself how fortunate and blessed I am to have you as my beloved (a smile is spreading across my face attesting to that fact!)
I found it difficult in the past (and more so now) to wonder why I would be so blessed as to have you!?
In some ways, I suppose, we are very different from one another; not so much that we are in conflict, but enough to make our life together fresh and always-new
I love you deeply, sweetheart, and desire to make you happy and fulfilled. I so appreciate you and your abilities, your character, your smile, your everything! You are exactly what I think my beloved should be! In fact, you are more than I could have wished for, sweetheart.

Well, I have written you a love letter, feel like I live in 60’s or 50’s era maybe haha. Oh ya, I am also waiting for your “strawberry fields forever with your guitar in front of my home” when you are turning 27 years old haha

Cancalita "

At night we shared ah-lot about the different between our 1st year anniversary and 2nd year anniversary. After that the most hurt-feeling came when Bizzy said that "next year we can not celebrate our 3rd anniversary" then i said "why?" , Bizzy said " don't you remember i have to go to German, to finish my school"
slightly, i was so speechles, and i said " when will you go ?" , Bizzy said "August maybe"
that will be my Nightmare August -,-

Actually i have so much photos to post to, but the camera is on my brother's hand! Then i will post them later.

So far, i love him so much :) and i think no longer will grow in love :))
just like that shoes, always created in pairs 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

De-Laxy Taste

hello greatttt sunday morningggggg !
have a really nice sunday, let your hair down females !
too morning for blogging

well, why de-laxy ? anyone ? hmmm de-laxy means denim galaxy hehe 

saturday afternoon i did photo-session at manahan, actually because we didn't know where was better place than manahan.
i was about in a lil bit boyish-mood, so was wearing denim but still there was pink-touch in my outfits
so here , i wore Denim Jacket from Levi's , and The Beatles tees from @DistroARP , Pink mini skirts from @classtyleshop and my own handmade Galaxy Shoes
little boyish something girly, i didn't add any accesories, because i didn't find something match with my outfits

the legs and the detail pattern. how pretty, i had blue, purple, pink, and something grey in one time!

i'm so in love with this tees, because yea i love the beatles! thanks for @DistroARP , you  have such a damn great tees  as always. FYI, i cut my tee's collar haha

do you see something different guys? what? i can't hear you ? yaaaa that's right !! my hair ! haha my hair got longer, i got this from @lookdeloopshop
this one is big curly brown hairclip, soo light, and i love the colour, it has a similar colour with my own hair. So easy to wear , because there are some clips inside the hair, so you just have to put that on your hair, and voila you have a really wreally adorable hair.
if my sudden-long-hair-passion comes suddenly , i don't need to take hair-extension , i just need to put the hairclip up. I don't need to be afraid that much , because the hairclip will not ruin your own hair, turst me.
And for you who want to have such adorable hair like mine, just click @lookdeloopshop, you will have this adorable hairclip with affordable price.


candid photo while i was laughing sooo yewhhh, but so lovely, natural , indeed, but still fucking-weird -,-

at the same time guys, i got tribal longsleeves from @classtyleshop, again and again they had a really cute stuff. For your information, @classtyleshop always have a really cute stuffs ever, their accesories, their clothes, their bottoms, their shoes, all of them areso ah-mah-zing.
And i want their vintage clock, Selly please give me one, two it's okay haha

I think that's enough for this too morning for blogging part haha
i hope that you all have a really great sunday relaxing day, just let your hair down guys.
blow some luck for you all, love C <3

Brown Bow Tie