Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bold Summer

Ces matins gris si doux.. felt so lilttle bit strange with that-day's summer, and yap that was a really great feeling, i got somoe unlucky-things yesterday, but then, just forget it, i don't wanna ruin my summer day today.

Yea, black all the way, with little touched of white (sky) and brown (dry leaves). The dress is my mom's, one of well-known designer in Indonesia, Eddy P. Chandra. I love the materials, sometimes seems like codoray, but sometimes seems like pillowy cotton. The V-Shape back makes me feel so hot. And i also wore Black Hidden Wedges, so much loves for this shoes, 12cms high, and b l a c k. I got them from Fierce, Singapore, made from great suede, and wooden wedges material. The white one were socks from sox gallery, and the vintage bag from Tocco Toscano Italy, love it from first sight, made from real leather.

I wore black and i got some unlucky-things, ngehhh all of them such a bond. I got an accident, me with my boyfriend, and made Edi got sick on his bumper ( Edi is a black car haha i called him Edi ). Eh, bien, pas du tout! that wasn't unlucky-things, we just didn't watch it. That was a God's will which we had to pass it through.

My hair colour, real my hair colour, actually i dyed my hair last year with brighter colour, in that's all gone haha , so this is my real hair colour, burgundy

and the last photo was candid photo, i think my boyfriend has a something new hobby, take my candid picture.


Brown Bow Tie