Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Brown Classic Diary

Bonjour, ladsss! Comment-allez vous?

Yesterday ( middle of the night,exactly) , I was about to make something from i-didn’t-know-why-i-bought-that-stuffs. I bought a diary, oldschool style diary, deep brown colour, seems like leather, but I know that was a fake one! Haha then I bought some ribbons, I’m so love with ribbons, sometimes I buy them but I don’t know what I’m gonna do with them,

But then, the diary was look so pity, just b-r-o-w-n, no blinks, no studd, no accessories, sooo pity, and I realized that, that day I have bought 2 types of ribbon, nude wide floral ribbon and shocking pink ( i always say it “pink-h” , I don’t know why ) small polkadot ribbon.

And yowww, again I made something new, addition for my  bag! I have a diary that I will always carry it on, to write what I have to do every single day, and for reminder, bcs you know I am such a pity easily to forget some-things, I’m sooo forgetful, que c’etait loin, tout cela!

You must be sooo curious with that , righttt ? Ah bon, voila! I will give you the step how to make that cute thing

1. First of all, you have to buy the material, of course. The brown diary, try to guess how much is that? no idea? Well, that's diary only 15.600! little bit hard to find it, Gramedia of course, on the stationary part. And you have to buy a ribbon, my floral one, i bought it at Petra, it's 12.500/meter. And double-tape , Flanel ( you can use or not, it's up to you), and last scissors!

Detail pattern of the ribbon and flanel , nice colour for something smells vintage 

 2. After that, take the ribbon and the double-tape, cut the double-tape according to the ribbon's length. And the pictures below will show you after the double-tape has sticked up on the ribbon.

 Already see the difference ? yow, there is no difference actually hahaha

3. Then, Stick the ribbon to the diary's cover. You can stick it anywhere , up to you, but i want to choose top of the cover. Stick it around. And Voila! 

4. Last, enjoy your cute diary ! you can use your flanel for add some letters or flowers, or small bow, that's up to you, but i'm about to make it simple , i choose not to add something on it.

Whuzaaaa I'm so excited and always excited with everything I have, morever if i made it by my self. Actually maybe bcs yep my brain has to set up as the creator bcs i take Interior Design, soww sometimes my brain can be my loyal-friend.

Well, Au revoir! Je m'appelle Chacha, have a nice day !

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