Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Fashion Tips Article for GoGirl!

Bon Jour, mon petit !
As the title have shown, i want to tell you ah-loth about my first fashion tips article for Gogirl!  

J'ai toujours admire l'oevre gogirl! revue, I always adore that magazine, i love the way they tell the reader how to be sooooo stunning. Well, at first , Kak Mamora as the web editor of gogirl! magz sent me a message , she offered me to make a fashion tips article for their web magazine, i was soooo excited! my brain was thinking all the time. And because i have a short hair , then i wanted to make something about short hair, because some people think "you, short hair, you can do lot of style with your short hair, you just look emmhh so boyish", I will be the number one who want to give them my middle fingers, both my hand and my foot!

Well, for you who want to read my first fashion tips article , just push me !
sorry maybe i'm too much , maybe you think. But I said that I was so excited with this over and over again. 
And guys, I will give you the printscreen. 

At the end of our message , when Kak Mamora said that finally my article has published, she told me to write more and more if i have some fashion tips again.
Ouils, ils sont gentils, Merci Gogirl!


  1. super cool !!. btw i wanna follow you back, but i cant find the followers click dear

    1. on the right top of the page , follow button, just like on the tumblr dear ;)


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