Monday, August 6, 2012

HELLO! Mates

Actually this is not my first blog account, i'm such a fool, easily to forget its password.
Well, lets make it simple, I'm Cancalita Anindyaputri , or you can call me nindy, nindya, chacha for short
i'm 19 years old this year, learn about Interior design at Sebelas Maret University and hopefully i can  take Fashion Design after my first college world.

i'm sooo in love with fashion, shoes, cat , dog, sky, vintage, The beatles, guitar, jazz, blues, summer, beach, and cute thingies.

so ( i always say it "sow" , lil bit too much) if you wanna know some unexpected stories from me , stick your eyes on my blog :)))

mucholoves, C

PS: about picture above, that's just a little greeting from me, bcs i'm from Indonesia and i'm so proud of it, I painted my fingers with brush on photoshop, i've been inspired by  my facebook friend "Eva Riska"

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