Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Playful Summer

I love stollen moments on some natural places (beaches, parks, mountains), actually when i have so longggg holiday, just like this. I probably spend too much free time watching films where some students find themselves in those brief free months between school and responsibility, catapulted into adventures that baffle the mind and I wonder why my life doesn't mirror theirs although I'm now grown and school is a fading bruise in my memory ( khekhekhekhe )

Well, i'm so in love with Summer. Summer seems so playful, and sooo match with pastel colour. And, i have found my soft pastel colour outfit for this perfect summer day.
Lace Top from @whatiworestuff, Floral Bustier from Post Mode, Bandage Skirt from @classtyleshop, Claire Floral Wedges from iwearUP, and Nude Colour Shocks from Sox Gallery
This one, this photo , lil bit spooky photo -___-

lovely Tedy

seems so young -__-

i just loved the sun's light


blow with the wind

chitchatto with a friend


  1. hi darl :)
    Your style is very nice and charming. :)
    I want to follow your blog but did not find a gadget to keep up xoxo

    1. well, maybe i'll set it later , haha this is my new account , lil bit confused ye , by the way thanks babe <3


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