Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Blossom

Ne manque pas de dire a ton amant, comme le jardin est beau car il faut qu'il t'y mene , because i'm so sure you will have a great quality time with your beloved in this garden. You can find deers, swans, peacocks, monkeys, every-romantic-thing.

Be friend with this sunny-garden day, i have decided to wear Floral Bustier from Post Mode when they held bazar at Solo Square Mall, little bt expensive for such cloth, but that's so comparable with vintage floral pattern on it. Chiffon Skirt from ZARA , i bought it when i had holiday in Jakarta, and make it more cute with pink suede belt from The Secret. The Shoes, flats feel so yummy for this look, shocking pink ballet flats from Primark, London, i got them from online-shopping. Handmade bag from BaliBali, and I also wore bracelet from my headband haha

see.. i really had a great time on this garden, green green grass, fresh fresh air, i'd be kill my self to life in this lovely place.
wore outer from @whatiworestuff , pattern attack !!!


Brown Bow Tie