Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer's Swing

This dress feels like summer picnics, taste like homemade lemonade and raspberry sorbet. It's just I always imbue vintage qualities into my clothes, they transport me to places I dream of being or sometimes places I've been and long to return to. Maybe 60's-80's era, really adore that fashion era.

I'm about to swing my dress everywhere uuu so wide open. That white dress came from my aunty, bought in Hongkong, Zara collection Actually, long time don't use this dress, i lost it for about a year maybe, but i have found them again on my 2nd clothes-board. Little touched with denim, jacket denim, from Levi's, that's my brother's, little bit oversized, but that was what i expected for my look. Then, I put an unbranded braid belt, i bought it at The Secret, Bandung. I said at previous post, i'm so in love with this cute little baby bag. And a pair of leather sandals from Borr's, i bought them when i went to Holland with my family long timeeee agoooo.

Writting this repot while listening to Sway from Michael Buble, that's just soooo perfect lunch. Bon jour, mon petit <3


Brown Bow Tie