Sunday, September 23, 2012


Bonjour Laddddssss !
how's your sunday ? well, i just can't let my hands just sleep at thi sunday morning
i'm so in love with shorts actually, since i was kid my dad always bought me some cute shorts to wear.

and when i opened my closet this morning , i found my old Logo jeans in nude colour, trousers exactly. YA ! "i will kill you" i said, i wanted to cut it became ordinary shorts, yap just like usual shorts i have. But then "i need something different for this jeans" and i made it became DIY SCALLOP SHORTS!

well, i will show you how to make this stuff  :

1. First you have to prepare a less things you need, you just need, long jeans which you think it's so old-fashioned or maybe you get bored with them, and scissors, last is a pencil.

2. And specify how short your pants will be cut, give a mark on it with pencil, thinly

3. Cut that pants according to the mark, and you have short pants, just s-h-o-r-t-p-a-n-t-s haha

4. Again and again , you have to make scallop pattern design on your pants with pencil, sooo thinly. And cut them according to your design. And yaaaa you have an extra-ordinary short pants nowwww !

So easy, isn't it ? I dare you to try this and make it your own. Hmmm i'm so proud with my self when i made something "DIY" stuff, i don't know why , i just felt therewas something different when i made something by my own.

So guys , Have a nice Sunny-day !

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sum-Rain Season Spirit

Summer is already end, i got rain on my house yesterday uuu summer summer see you next year

Well, this outfit just so simple outfit for hanging around somewhere anywhere but till looks so dashing. 
Shirt, skirt, bag, and flats. Simple things, simple stuffs, but they will give you an extra-ordinary look, if you treat them nicely
i wore my brother's shirt wkwk without permission of course :P .. he would not allow me to wear his stuffs! i just loved the stripe pattern , the shirt actually from ESPRIT.
baby blue colour with single pocket on left.

and i chose my own design skirt (you can send me an email if you want such skirt, limited edition), the fabric is the same with the tosca one, original from Makassar with silk chiffon as its outer.
And the flats, i wore leather classic mocassine flats from SYAR, so comfyyyy believe me

Sooo, this is the pattern attack detail. Stripe with Ethnic Tribal from Makassar, it would be such a beautiful pattern attack, and also love the colour, baby blue mix with black and lil bit pink

Lasttt , added a ring from @classtyleshop . Actually i don't really like to add much accesories for my outfits, sometimes i just add a ring with 2 bracelets, or only add a ring, or only add a bracelet

Hem, yak! ready or not ready , want or don't want , have to or don't have to , summer has changed into rain season. But i still have a summer passion and summer spirit for living my life until the next next next summer.
Good Bye summer, gonna miss you :)))

Price Tag means ah-lot !

Price Tag from Jessie J 

i have learned so much from this song , so much so much , learned about how to be more mature , learned how to be more real, learned how to be someone who not easily get angry. 
Well, the song seems to be about the rejection of materialism.

"We buy things we don't need. With money we don't have. To impress people we don't like. Poor you." 

i took that quote from my new sissy , named  Dea ( @deaasws ) from her official blog . So sure, that quote means ah-lot, and ya some-close-with-us-people really do that things. Sometimes, i made my brain worked too hard for thinking about that shit-thing.
For example, i knew someone who did that, she bought a pair of shoes with her class-money. Actually she didn't have money for that shoes, but because of the sense of i-want-it-so-much maybe was greatly exaggerated, so she could be so blind. And guess what , even she did that more than twice. Well, maybe she has been addicted hmmm (frowned)

listen, what you have in this world will not accompany you when you die. You will leave them off one day. Be grateful for what you have now and tomorrow. If ya you have more than anyone else have , that's a gift from God, be grateful.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pattern ATTACKKK!!!

Aaaak finally college day is coming up over me :((( 
actually my college had first day after summer holiday on 27th August 2012, but because my dad got sick and passed away a couple week after, soo i had my first college day on 10th September, hmmm gonna miss my summer holiday next year

Well, i decided to make some different taste of my style. And here it issss "Pattern Attack!!"
what did i need for this pattern attack ? Floral pattern has successfully mixed with Animal print pattern

at first some people looked at me with their weird-look, but hmm i felt so confident with this outfits, so i didn't care. And do you think i'm weird with this pattern attack? seriously, you don't know what fashion is.

So you think floral pattern has to be combined with plain skirt ? oh dear, sometimes pattern attack looks better than something that has happened sooo often

Purple Floral Skirt from i-forgot-the-store-in-kuala-lumpur -,- 
Animal print jegging bought in Bali, again and again i forgot the boutique's name, a boutique at Legian or something Poppies Street
also Leather Shoes from SYAR 

andddd the last, the bag!!! that's my mom's when she was a college-r

Well, why don't you out from the right way and try something different with other people do, that's what fashion is !
confident with all what you are wearing, so you have passion of fashion then :))

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flowy Meets The Ethnic Tribal Tosca by PRAMA

Morning ladddds ! hoooo i miss you all so much
Finally this morning i have released my first collection of my new brand, PRAMA
I designed them by my own, with limited pattern fabric, and i'm so sure you will not find someone wears the same clothes with you.( except me hehe)

Why you have to choose PRAMA ?
PRAMA proud to be Indonesia!
all materials are original from indonesi, just like my first collection, i got the material from Makassar, typical fabric from Makassar.
See the pattern ? just like tribal pattern right ? and actually this pattern was born earlier than tribal it self.

For the First collectin "Gamara Makassar" , actually my mom was the fabric buyer when she had holiday to Makassar . She bought me this silk fabric, and i said "just like tribal pattern"
and when my dad passed away i thought " we can't just life with my dad's legacy" , so i made some plans for surviving our life.

The detail of the pattern, so in love at the first sight! i combined the pink colour with tosca chiffon material, andd yea i think that was a great combination.

and for the Top, i also designed it by my self, classic style with broken white colour, and crop bustier from Post mode, so maybe we can called this pattern attack haha 
flowy meets the ethnic tribal

made a different to the collar with something gold-y

 I also wore Vintage rose ring by @classtyleshop and Pink flowery mary wedges by Madam Rosellin
feel so summer on the end of summer, aaaa i just can't let summer go away from me.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

new bestfriends, D'Eyeko Premium Lashes!

As the title has shown you about, i think i have loved this fake eyelashes brand from the first sight! And i already have 2 pairs of D'Eyeko Premium Lashes.
I have Olga Lydia's lashes and the other one are Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish.

May be you are asking all around why i'm so in love with this eye lashes ? yap ! because D'Eyeko lashes made from real natural hair and 100 % handmade, so i don't have to worry about their quality, i'm so sure, you will love them!
For me , a girl with contact lens, it's so hard to find best lashes which will not ruin my day, and D'Eyeko has answered my fears, D'Eyeko is really safe for contact lens user because of the ultra lightweight and easiness to apply.
they are soooo yummy, so comfortable and fit on me.

And in this page , i will review about Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish lashes. 

"longing to own a longer and stronger charm ? Look no further. Put it on everyday or special occasion"

YAP, that's right! you can use it every single day and you don't have to worry you will look too much on it. Because this fake lashes will be fused with your own lashes, so your eyes will still look natural. Moreover, D'Eyeko Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish lashes have a really cute shape.

like what i said before, you don't have to be afraid with "i'm lateeee ! AAAA" because this lashes have a really easy way to wear! 
You just have to apply a line of glue ( include in package ) to the lash band and wait until the glue is a little gummy, and the lashes are ready to use! easy , right ?
 I used Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish lashes for my college day today, and they completed me.
Felt so happy and full of spirit to go to my college with my beauty lashes, and some lucks went after my perfect day!

thanks D'Eyeko , you complete me !

Sunday, September 9, 2012

2nd Article for Gogirl!

holla, ca va?

after a week without internet world, after a week without my dad beside me. Yay i told you before, my dad got sick, a really worse sick, and yap he was better , he didn't feel the pain again, he could walk, he could speak, he could go anywhere he wanted. It is gonna be so hard for me to forget that day, September 2nd,2012 when finally God took him away from me. So painfull, so sick.
But yea, life must go on, i can't stuck in that time, i will be so sick if i do. Something that i really know, i am gonna miss my daddy so much.

Well, finally my second article for gogirl! had published on i don't know. My secod article was about DIY stuff, Earring holder. And i am about to make DIY stuff again, just wait, until i'm ready to make it.
here the published article, click me ! 
i will give you the sneakpeaks


Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Earring Holder

Just like what i said before on my last post about my song cover, i give you thissss ! DIY Earring holder.. yep actually this is the result of i-do-no-what-to-do-to-my-self after tidy my room up. My room was really messed after more than a week didn't come home ( i stayed at hopital all the dayy )
YOu must be sooo curious about how to make it ? difficult ha ? NO!!! this one is really easy , believe me !

1. First of all you have to prepare what-should-you-have : Unused photo frame , Ribbon ( which match with the frame ), Flanel, all purpose adhesive glue, Scissors, and lassst something-i-dont-know-what-it-called to make a hole on a paper  

2. Cut the ribbon fit to the length of the frame, i need 4 ribbons for mine, you can cut it more or less than what i did.

3. Make some holes on each ribbon for hanging the earring, but if you use lace ribbon you don't have to make some holes on it.

4. Give glue on each end, and stick it on the frame. Easy ,right ?

5. Cut the flanel as the picture have shown you, and give the glue, stick it on all ribbon's ends for make them stronger.

6. Walaaaa, here it is DIY Earring Holder for your room sweetener!!
 You can put it on the table or stick it on the wall

Addition stuff for my roooooommmm and i'm so in love with this !
i hope you too, guys!


Brown Bow Tie