Sunday, September 9, 2012

2nd Article for Gogirl!

holla, ca va?

after a week without internet world, after a week without my dad beside me. Yay i told you before, my dad got sick, a really worse sick, and yap he was better , he didn't feel the pain again, he could walk, he could speak, he could go anywhere he wanted. It is gonna be so hard for me to forget that day, September 2nd,2012 when finally God took him away from me. So painfull, so sick.
But yea, life must go on, i can't stuck in that time, i will be so sick if i do. Something that i really know, i am gonna miss my daddy so much.

Well, finally my second article for gogirl! had published on i don't know. My secod article was about DIY stuff, Earring holder. And i am about to make DIY stuff again, just wait, until i'm ready to make it.
here the published article, click me ! 
i will give you the sneakpeaks



  1. wow nice :)
    i should try it later , thanks for the inspirations


  2. be tough Cancalita, sorry to hear that :(
    congratulation btw for your second article :)


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