Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Earring Holder

Just like what i said before on my last post about my song cover, i give you thissss ! DIY Earring holder.. yep actually this is the result of i-do-no-what-to-do-to-my-self after tidy my room up. My room was really messed after more than a week didn't come home ( i stayed at hopital all the dayy )
YOu must be sooo curious about how to make it ? difficult ha ? NO!!! this one is really easy , believe me !

1. First of all you have to prepare what-should-you-have : Unused photo frame , Ribbon ( which match with the frame ), Flanel, all purpose adhesive glue, Scissors, and lassst something-i-dont-know-what-it-called to make a hole on a paper  

2. Cut the ribbon fit to the length of the frame, i need 4 ribbons for mine, you can cut it more or less than what i did.

3. Make some holes on each ribbon for hanging the earring, but if you use lace ribbon you don't have to make some holes on it.

4. Give glue on each end, and stick it on the frame. Easy ,right ?

5. Cut the flanel as the picture have shown you, and give the glue, stick it on all ribbon's ends for make them stronger.

6. Walaaaa, here it is DIY Earring Holder for your room sweetener!!
 You can put it on the table or stick it on the wall

Addition stuff for my roooooommmm and i'm so in love with this !
i hope you too, guys!


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