Sunday, September 23, 2012


Bonjour Laddddssss !
how's your sunday ? well, i just can't let my hands just sleep at thi sunday morning
i'm so in love with shorts actually, since i was kid my dad always bought me some cute shorts to wear.

and when i opened my closet this morning , i found my old Logo jeans in nude colour, trousers exactly. YA ! "i will kill you" i said, i wanted to cut it became ordinary shorts, yap just like usual shorts i have. But then "i need something different for this jeans" and i made it became DIY SCALLOP SHORTS!

well, i will show you how to make this stuff  :

1. First you have to prepare a less things you need, you just need, long jeans which you think it's so old-fashioned or maybe you get bored with them, and scissors, last is a pencil.

2. And specify how short your pants will be cut, give a mark on it with pencil, thinly

3. Cut that pants according to the mark, and you have short pants, just s-h-o-r-t-p-a-n-t-s haha

4. Again and again , you have to make scallop pattern design on your pants with pencil, sooo thinly. And cut them according to your design. And yaaaa you have an extra-ordinary short pants nowwww !

So easy, isn't it ? I dare you to try this and make it your own. Hmmm i'm so proud with my self when i made something "DIY" stuff, i don't know why , i just felt therewas something different when i made something by my own.

So guys , Have a nice Sunny-day !

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