Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flowy Meets The Ethnic Tribal Tosca by PRAMA

Morning ladddds ! hoooo i miss you all so much
Finally this morning i have released my first collection of my new brand, PRAMA
I designed them by my own, with limited pattern fabric, and i'm so sure you will not find someone wears the same clothes with you.( except me hehe)

Why you have to choose PRAMA ?
PRAMA proud to be Indonesia!
all materials are original from indonesi, just like my first collection, i got the material from Makassar, typical fabric from Makassar.
See the pattern ? just like tribal pattern right ? and actually this pattern was born earlier than tribal it self.

For the First collectin "Gamara Makassar" , actually my mom was the fabric buyer when she had holiday to Makassar . She bought me this silk fabric, and i said "just like tribal pattern"
and when my dad passed away i thought " we can't just life with my dad's legacy" , so i made some plans for surviving our life.

The detail of the pattern, so in love at the first sight! i combined the pink colour with tosca chiffon material, andd yea i think that was a great combination.

and for the Top, i also designed it by my self, classic style with broken white colour, and crop bustier from Post mode, so maybe we can called this pattern attack haha 
flowy meets the ethnic tribal

made a different to the collar with something gold-y

 I also wore Vintage rose ring by @classtyleshop and Pink flowery mary wedges by Madam Rosellin
feel so summer on the end of summer, aaaa i just can't let summer go away from me.

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