Thursday, September 13, 2012

new bestfriends, D'Eyeko Premium Lashes!

As the title has shown you about, i think i have loved this fake eyelashes brand from the first sight! And i already have 2 pairs of D'Eyeko Premium Lashes.
I have Olga Lydia's lashes and the other one are Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish.

May be you are asking all around why i'm so in love with this eye lashes ? yap ! because D'Eyeko lashes made from real natural hair and 100 % handmade, so i don't have to worry about their quality, i'm so sure, you will love them!
For me , a girl with contact lens, it's so hard to find best lashes which will not ruin my day, and D'Eyeko has answered my fears, D'Eyeko is really safe for contact lens user because of the ultra lightweight and easiness to apply.
they are soooo yummy, so comfortable and fit on me.

And in this page , i will review about Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish lashes. 

"longing to own a longer and stronger charm ? Look no further. Put it on everyday or special occasion"

YAP, that's right! you can use it every single day and you don't have to worry you will look too much on it. Because this fake lashes will be fused with your own lashes, so your eyes will still look natural. Moreover, D'Eyeko Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish lashes have a really cute shape.

like what i said before, you don't have to be afraid with "i'm lateeee ! AAAA" because this lashes have a really easy way to wear! 
You just have to apply a line of glue ( include in package ) to the lash band and wait until the glue is a little gummy, and the lashes are ready to use! easy , right ?
 I used Lengthening Marvelously long and lavish lashes for my college day today, and they completed me.
Felt so happy and full of spirit to go to my college with my beauty lashes, and some lucks went after my perfect day!

thanks D'Eyeko , you complete me !

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