Monday, September 17, 2012

Pattern ATTACKKK!!!

Aaaak finally college day is coming up over me :((( 
actually my college had first day after summer holiday on 27th August 2012, but because my dad got sick and passed away a couple week after, soo i had my first college day on 10th September, hmmm gonna miss my summer holiday next year

Well, i decided to make some different taste of my style. And here it issss "Pattern Attack!!"
what did i need for this pattern attack ? Floral pattern has successfully mixed with Animal print pattern

at first some people looked at me with their weird-look, but hmm i felt so confident with this outfits, so i didn't care. And do you think i'm weird with this pattern attack? seriously, you don't know what fashion is.

So you think floral pattern has to be combined with plain skirt ? oh dear, sometimes pattern attack looks better than something that has happened sooo often

Purple Floral Skirt from i-forgot-the-store-in-kuala-lumpur -,- 
Animal print jegging bought in Bali, again and again i forgot the boutique's name, a boutique at Legian or something Poppies Street
also Leather Shoes from SYAR 

andddd the last, the bag!!! that's my mom's when she was a college-r

Well, why don't you out from the right way and try something different with other people do, that's what fashion is !
confident with all what you are wearing, so you have passion of fashion then :))

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  1. The day started pretty much like most days this week with fog and rain and so the options on what to do were getting slim.
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