Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Price Tag means ah-lot !

Price Tag from Jessie J 

i have learned so much from this song , so much so much , learned about how to be more mature , learned how to be more real, learned how to be someone who not easily get angry. 
Well, the song seems to be about the rejection of materialism.

"We buy things we don't need. With money we don't have. To impress people we don't like. Poor you." 

i took that quote from my new sissy , named  Dea ( @deaasws ) from her official blog . So sure, that quote means ah-lot, and ya some-close-with-us-people really do that things. Sometimes, i made my brain worked too hard for thinking about that shit-thing.
For example, i knew someone who did that, she bought a pair of shoes with her class-money. Actually she didn't have money for that shoes, but because of the sense of i-want-it-so-much maybe was greatly exaggerated, so she could be so blind. And guess what , even she did that more than twice. Well, maybe she has been addicted hmmm (frowned)

listen, what you have in this world will not accompany you when you die. You will leave them off one day. Be grateful for what you have now and tomorrow. If ya you have more than anyone else have , that's a gift from God, be grateful.


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