Saturday, September 1, 2012

She Will Beloved Cover by Cancalita

Holla guys, long time no share everythig here
and i have messed with my guitar, singing "She will Beloved" from Maroon 5 , i love them , i love Adam Levinne exactly khekhekhe. Really bad resolution picture, but i took it with handycam, i don't know why it could be soooo worseeee :(
it is okay for me because the sound was really good if i took it with handycam, i just didn't have a good picture on it :((((
i also have uploaded that on my Youtube channel, go push it out!
Well, the reason why long-time-no-post-my-blog is because my papa is in the recovery time , yep he got sick! for about 10 days stayed at hospital and i had to keep an eye on him. He is getting better and better now, and i hope that he can get up from his bed as soon as possible so we can have much much good-daddy and his daughter-time.

And the other reason, i am preparing for my next clothes project, and i also will sell them. But just calm, tonight or tomorrow i am gonna make something DIY-stuff and i will post it here. This stuff is really cute and i know that you all my dearest will be soooo in love with this stuff.

this is a really enough for my mumbo jumbo, merciiii

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