Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sum-Rain Season Spirit

Summer is already end, i got rain on my house yesterday uuu summer summer see you next year

Well, this outfit just so simple outfit for hanging around somewhere anywhere but till looks so dashing. 
Shirt, skirt, bag, and flats. Simple things, simple stuffs, but they will give you an extra-ordinary look, if you treat them nicely
i wore my brother's shirt wkwk without permission of course :P .. he would not allow me to wear his stuffs! i just loved the stripe pattern , the shirt actually from ESPRIT.
baby blue colour with single pocket on left.

and i chose my own design skirt (you can send me an email if you want such skirt, limited edition), the fabric is the same with the tosca one, original from Makassar with silk chiffon as its outer.
And the flats, i wore leather classic mocassine flats from SYAR, so comfyyyy believe me

Sooo, this is the pattern attack detail. Stripe with Ethnic Tribal from Makassar, it would be such a beautiful pattern attack, and also love the colour, baby blue mix with black and lil bit pink

Lasttt , added a ring from @classtyleshop . Actually i don't really like to add much accesories for my outfits, sometimes i just add a ring with 2 bracelets, or only add a ring, or only add a bracelet

Hem, yak! ready or not ready , want or don't want , have to or don't have to , summer has changed into rain season. But i still have a summer passion and summer spirit for living my life until the next next next summer.
Good Bye summer, gonna miss you :)))

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