Sunday, October 28, 2012

My 2nd Year Loversary!

" I feel so close to you right now"

too morning ? big no! hha blogging in the morning is anti-mainstream
well, get to the point

that video was my anniversary gift for my boyfriend, Bizal but i called him bizzy or sometimes bizzu ( red: bizo) on the same bag i also gave him converse navy sneakers, like mine! so we have same sneakers , yay !

at that rainy night, i went to Solo Square and directly went to Sport Station, bought the navy sneakers, asked for 8 size , but unluckily the hadn't ! but the shop-keeper said that 7,5 was okay, i told the guard to try. There was no 8 size, my mood had lossst. And at the same time i was in a big fight with bizzy :(((
well, i decided to buy that 7,5 size shoes!

After that i went to KFC ( oh ya i went here with my sister, @ovryan ), bought some finger lickin' good, and i pleaded for help to ovryan to help me made that stop motion video, actually that was so failed video, because that was my first time, but what's the wrong of trying ?

and i also wrote a love letter for him haha 

"2nd times of October 27th we have spent together
How it feels baby ? haha
Really wreally I’ve lost my words, I just don’t know whattosay, or sometimes I think I am dreaming, yeah me and you
2nd year of our long distance relationship, are you tired enough ? I want your absence to be a reminder to me, reminding me that I love you so much that it hurts when you’re not with me.
While I’m writing this note, you’re away… and I’m here thinking about you.
I’m remarking to myself how fortunate and blessed I am to have you as my beloved (a smile is spreading across my face attesting to that fact!)
I found it difficult in the past (and more so now) to wonder why I would be so blessed as to have you!?
In some ways, I suppose, we are very different from one another; not so much that we are in conflict, but enough to make our life together fresh and always-new
I love you deeply, sweetheart, and desire to make you happy and fulfilled. I so appreciate you and your abilities, your character, your smile, your everything! You are exactly what I think my beloved should be! In fact, you are more than I could have wished for, sweetheart.

Well, I have written you a love letter, feel like I live in 60’s or 50’s era maybe haha. Oh ya, I am also waiting for your “strawberry fields forever with your guitar in front of my home” when you are turning 27 years old haha

Cancalita "

At night we shared ah-lot about the different between our 1st year anniversary and 2nd year anniversary. After that the most hurt-feeling came when Bizzy said that "next year we can not celebrate our 3rd anniversary" then i said "why?" , Bizzy said " don't you remember i have to go to German, to finish my school"
slightly, i was so speechles, and i said " when will you go ?" , Bizzy said "August maybe"
that will be my Nightmare August -,-

Actually i have so much photos to post to, but the camera is on my brother's hand! Then i will post them later.

So far, i love him so much :) and i think no longer will grow in love :))
just like that shoes, always created in pairs 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

De-Laxy Taste

hello greatttt sunday morningggggg !
have a really nice sunday, let your hair down females !
too morning for blogging

well, why de-laxy ? anyone ? hmmm de-laxy means denim galaxy hehe 

saturday afternoon i did photo-session at manahan, actually because we didn't know where was better place than manahan.
i was about in a lil bit boyish-mood, so was wearing denim but still there was pink-touch in my outfits
so here , i wore Denim Jacket from Levi's , and The Beatles tees from @DistroARP , Pink mini skirts from @classtyleshop and my own handmade Galaxy Shoes
little boyish something girly, i didn't add any accesories, because i didn't find something match with my outfits

the legs and the detail pattern. how pretty, i had blue, purple, pink, and something grey in one time!

i'm so in love with this tees, because yea i love the beatles! thanks for @DistroARP , you  have such a damn great tees  as always. FYI, i cut my tee's collar haha

do you see something different guys? what? i can't hear you ? yaaaa that's right !! my hair ! haha my hair got longer, i got this from @lookdeloopshop
this one is big curly brown hairclip, soo light, and i love the colour, it has a similar colour with my own hair. So easy to wear , because there are some clips inside the hair, so you just have to put that on your hair, and voila you have a really wreally adorable hair.
if my sudden-long-hair-passion comes suddenly , i don't need to take hair-extension , i just need to put the hairclip up. I don't need to be afraid that much , because the hairclip will not ruin your own hair, turst me.
And for you who want to have such adorable hair like mine, just click @lookdeloopshop, you will have this adorable hairclip with affordable price.


candid photo while i was laughing sooo yewhhh, but so lovely, natural , indeed, but still fucking-weird -,-

at the same time guys, i got tribal longsleeves from @classtyleshop, again and again they had a really cute stuff. For your information, @classtyleshop always have a really cute stuffs ever, their accesories, their clothes, their bottoms, their shoes, all of them areso ah-mah-zing.
And i want their vintage clock, Selly please give me one, two it's okay haha

I think that's enough for this too morning for blogging part haha
i hope that you all have a really great sunday relaxing day, just let your hair down guys.
blow some luck for you all, love C <3

Friday, October 19, 2012


Holaaaa , how's your day today guys ? hope you are all in a really great condition
and me ? lil bit tired after did karate haha

well, maybe I am too late to love galaxy pattern haha, actually I am not anti-mainstream, but then i just realized how adorable galaxy pattern is.

felt like i needed a sneakers, one is better i think, because i have no sneakers at a-l-l haha
i went to a mall in my city, looked for some cute sneakers, but i didn't find them -,-
after that i saw a really simple canvas sneakers, for only 50k rupiahs , evennn in navy colour!
just like love at first sight, i proposed them

Went home and remember that i have some new acrylic paints in blue, red, and white, 
actually i always buy primer colour or main colour and white, so i will have so much colour if i mix them

well, to the point aja hehe, you must be so curious,right ? haha
first, you need :

1. canvas shoes in navy or black
2. blue, white, and red or pink, grey, baby blue, and purple
3. sponges
4. paper tape and 
5. toothbrush

1. First of all, give the paper tape to your shoes's white part, so that the acrylic will not make it worse

and then start to give the colour, dip the sponge into the paint, do not directly painted on your shoes, sweep it first on the newspaper, and you are ready to rock! you can make your own colour gradation, but i will give you some suggestion:
1. grey on the really front part of your shoes
2. baby blue
3. pink
4. and greay again

the result , but not finish yet, you need some stars right ?

give a little white colour on your toothbrush

and take it sooo close to your shoes, and wipe the brush's bristle with your finger, spread the stars !

lastttt, make them dry under the sun-light!

now, you have your own adorable galaxy shoeeeessssss ! be glad with your self , you can make it , believe that no one can make it better than yours :)
 and I am so ready to take my foot awayyyy !

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall - intage

summer goes, the fall is coming and still vintage takes the rule haha
actually today wasn't really good fiuuuw
i just felt so muccccch angry to my brother's girlfriend, actually i hated her yesterday, and more tomorrow -,-
i don't know why ? maybe that's just "a jealousy of little sister"

but then, sudden-random-weird-freak-thought came "i want to cut my hair short", the fact my hair was short, and i wanted shorter. Went to Johnny Andrean, asked Ms.Ima (my lovely hairstylish) to cut my hair shorter than this short -,-
and what? she just laughed 
and voilaaaaaa my hair made my day !!!! love so much

for this fall-intage i wore Soft Orange Cardigan from Dotti Australia, Flowery mini dress from some random outlet , Deep Blue Stocking from Sox Gallery, and Mocassine wedges from Iconinety9

as always, i needed some addition to make it cute, Vintage triple rings from @classtyleshop and Leather Bag from BaliBali
I wreally wreally love the ring, soooo into me haha

see the stocking colour ? it such a deep blue something purple maybe hmmm and the shoes the shoes looked so much perfect with my stocking 

the shorty shorty shorty browny hair, i love the way my neck makes me look lil bit tall haha, actually i am not, but yea my neck helps me alot.
Oh ya, at the end of day, my boyfriend gave me something, guess what ? that's what i am searching for, Pink Guitar Pick!
nomnomnom my life was perfect after my mad-a-while-day

Monday, October 8, 2012

My number 2nd man

some people asked me "do you have a boyfriend?

Well then, i will share little about my love-life, not that special, just like other people have.
I have a boyfriend, named Bizal. We are turning 2 years this month. He was my highschool mate, al-so my classmate haha 

and un-lucky-ly distance separates us, not that long , not that far. He is studying at Gajah Mada University, so he lives in Jogja. And me ? yap, I'm here, Solo. But I'm not that worried, it just 60kms haha. Sometimes if i really wreally miss him, and about to meet him, i take the train to jogja , that will only take  an hour of my time. 

Some people say that we are like a bestfriend. Indeed, we start everything from friend become bestfriend. 

Then, what we do when we are together ?
well, because i'm so in to beach, if we have enough time, we'll do beaches-adventure haha, spend our time (read magazine, drink something, eat someting, share every-stupid-thing) at the beach , sometimes till we get tan-skin haha

Also sing out loud at the car, whatever the song, whatever the music, whatever the lyric goes wrong, we sing out loud ! aaa that's what i really miss so much, that's fool but that's really fun to do

sometimes we do like what other couple do haha , photobox! that's a m-u-s-t
just once or twice. hmmm but guys, one day we went to the photo studio and did some photos there , how stupid we were, we were just thinking how stupid we were after the photos were done -,-

well, i said "a little" right ? i think that's enough about us. Thanks readers, love you! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


inspired by my previous post, about watercolor effect, i have told you that i love shorts so mucccchhhh
some of them DIY stuff.
you must be asking all around "how to make it aaa?" haha
well, get ready to make it females ?

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5..

First , you need jeans (i use basic jeans, or you can use shorts, that's up to you) , acrylic painting colours, scissors, pencil, brushes, and pallete

Second, as usual, you have to measure the pants how short it will be cut, and give a mark on it 

Third, Cut the pants become the shorts one, according to the mark 

Fourth, Draw the pattern with pencil, you can draw everything you want, and i chose to draw tribal pattern

Fifth, start to fill your own pattern with acrylic paint , give a little water at the pallete

Last, if you think that's enough, you can dry it under the sun, and voila! you have an awesome painted shorts !

seems so cute right ? i also cut my giveaway "everyday i'm sufflin" shirts from @DistroARP , for you who are craving for some "music" and "band" t-shirt, @DistroARP is really recommended ! Frankly, i already have 3 t-shirts from @DistroARP (The Beatles, Katty pery, and LMFAO ), they also have Adam Levine, and some K-POP t-shirts

Well, that's all for me, time to go, i'm so gonna use this outfit to go somewhere with mum, love you!

Watercolor Effect Photo

Bonjour !
how's your tuesday ? tell me a little then

i didn't go to my college this morning, aaaak actually i wanted to, but my stomach felt lil bit weird, maybe because of satay i ate last night.
well, times goes fly, and i feel so boh-red!

die to find something to do, check my blog, check my twitter, again my blog, again my twitter, how boring!
and the time finally answers ! i have found a blog which has a really wreally great photoshop photo effect editing tutorial.
yep , it called watercolour effect, and i tried tried and tried.
fiuuuu, and voilaaaa, the result is a lil bit messed 

first, i made my photo had a white background, and added some effects over and over again. So, colourful, isn't it ? (if you want me to make the tutorial, then give me feedback)
i hope that today i also have a colourful day ever. Thought my stomach didn't
oh ya, lately, some stupid facts went after me :( stupid things that made me thought i was so stu-pid
i won't tell you about that stupid things, sorry but i hope that you all guys blow me some lucks then

Well, time to go, i have to take a bath and go to my college for my next lesson, have a great tues-day !

Brown Bow Tie