Sunday, October 21, 2012

De-Laxy Taste

hello greatttt sunday morningggggg !
have a really nice sunday, let your hair down females !
too morning for blogging

well, why de-laxy ? anyone ? hmmm de-laxy means denim galaxy hehe 

saturday afternoon i did photo-session at manahan, actually because we didn't know where was better place than manahan.
i was about in a lil bit boyish-mood, so was wearing denim but still there was pink-touch in my outfits
so here , i wore Denim Jacket from Levi's , and The Beatles tees from @DistroARP , Pink mini skirts from @classtyleshop and my own handmade Galaxy Shoes
little boyish something girly, i didn't add any accesories, because i didn't find something match with my outfits

the legs and the detail pattern. how pretty, i had blue, purple, pink, and something grey in one time!

i'm so in love with this tees, because yea i love the beatles! thanks for @DistroARP , you  have such a damn great tees  as always. FYI, i cut my tee's collar haha

do you see something different guys? what? i can't hear you ? yaaaa that's right !! my hair ! haha my hair got longer, i got this from @lookdeloopshop
this one is big curly brown hairclip, soo light, and i love the colour, it has a similar colour with my own hair. So easy to wear , because there are some clips inside the hair, so you just have to put that on your hair, and voila you have a really wreally adorable hair.
if my sudden-long-hair-passion comes suddenly , i don't need to take hair-extension , i just need to put the hairclip up. I don't need to be afraid that much , because the hairclip will not ruin your own hair, turst me.
And for you who want to have such adorable hair like mine, just click @lookdeloopshop, you will have this adorable hairclip with affordable price.


candid photo while i was laughing sooo yewhhh, but so lovely, natural , indeed, but still fucking-weird -,-

at the same time guys, i got tribal longsleeves from @classtyleshop, again and again they had a really cute stuff. For your information, @classtyleshop always have a really cute stuffs ever, their accesories, their clothes, their bottoms, their shoes, all of them areso ah-mah-zing.
And i want their vintage clock, Selly please give me one, two it's okay haha

I think that's enough for this too morning for blogging part haha
i hope that you all have a really great sunday relaxing day, just let your hair down guys.
blow some luck for you all, love C <3


  1. rambutnya cantik, tapi lebih cute pas pendek ca :)))

    1. ini masih pendek kok :') itu cuma hairclip jadi bisa dilepas pasang haha

  2. i love your header <3
    and fyi,you galaxy shoes is amazing ;)
    check out my blog :


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