Friday, October 19, 2012


Holaaaa , how's your day today guys ? hope you are all in a really great condition
and me ? lil bit tired after did karate haha

well, maybe I am too late to love galaxy pattern haha, actually I am not anti-mainstream, but then i just realized how adorable galaxy pattern is.

felt like i needed a sneakers, one is better i think, because i have no sneakers at a-l-l haha
i went to a mall in my city, looked for some cute sneakers, but i didn't find them -,-
after that i saw a really simple canvas sneakers, for only 50k rupiahs , evennn in navy colour!
just like love at first sight, i proposed them

Went home and remember that i have some new acrylic paints in blue, red, and white, 
actually i always buy primer colour or main colour and white, so i will have so much colour if i mix them

well, to the point aja hehe, you must be so curious,right ? haha
first, you need :

1. canvas shoes in navy or black
2. blue, white, and red or pink, grey, baby blue, and purple
3. sponges
4. paper tape and 
5. toothbrush

1. First of all, give the paper tape to your shoes's white part, so that the acrylic will not make it worse

and then start to give the colour, dip the sponge into the paint, do not directly painted on your shoes, sweep it first on the newspaper, and you are ready to rock! you can make your own colour gradation, but i will give you some suggestion:
1. grey on the really front part of your shoes
2. baby blue
3. pink
4. and greay again

the result , but not finish yet, you need some stars right ?

give a little white colour on your toothbrush

and take it sooo close to your shoes, and wipe the brush's bristle with your finger, spread the stars !

lastttt, make them dry under the sun-light!

now, you have your own adorable galaxy shoeeeessssss ! be glad with your self , you can make it , believe that no one can make it better than yours :)
 and I am so ready to take my foot awayyyy !


  1. its totally creative cancalita, must try this one :D

  2. thanks for sharing this DIY :D like it.

  3. These are exactly the kind of shoes that I love.

    Get Taller

  4. Thanks so much my shoes worked out great!

  5. could u use pink instead


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