Tuesday, October 2, 2012


inspired by my previous post, about watercolor effect, i have told you that i love shorts so mucccchhhh
some of them DIY stuff.
you must be asking all around "how to make it aaa?" haha
well, get ready to make it females ?

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5..

First , you need jeans (i use basic jeans, or you can use shorts, that's up to you) , acrylic painting colours, scissors, pencil, brushes, and pallete

Second, as usual, you have to measure the pants how short it will be cut, and give a mark on it 

Third, Cut the pants become the shorts one, according to the mark 

Fourth, Draw the pattern with pencil, you can draw everything you want, and i chose to draw tribal pattern

Fifth, start to fill your own pattern with acrylic paint , give a little water at the pallete

Last, if you think that's enough, you can dry it under the sun, and voila! you have an awesome painted shorts !

seems so cute right ? i also cut my giveaway "everyday i'm sufflin" shirts from @DistroARP , for you who are craving for some "music" and "band" t-shirt, @DistroARP is really recommended ! Frankly, i already have 3 t-shirts from @DistroARP (The Beatles, Katty pery, and LMFAO ), they also have Adam Levine, and some K-POP t-shirts

Well, that's all for me, time to go, i'm so gonna use this outfit to go somewhere with mum, love you!


  1. wow, nice short
    great tips ><


  2. that is super cuteeee, love the pattern <3

  3. kamu bahkan pinter sekali melukis<3<3 aku selalu berantakan melakukannya -_-
    mau saling follow? ;;)

    1. ahaha not that so, aku juga ngga begitu rapi hhe
      feel free to follow :)

  4. kalau di cuci ngga luntur gitukah paintnya sist ??

    1. engga kok beb, itu cat acrylic yg biasa buat sepatu lukis, jadi kalo dicuci ga luntur :)

  5. harganya berapaan yaa cat akrilik?
    biasanya kamu cari dimana? :)

    1. macem2 beb , kalo sepaket itu 60rb an tapi kecil2, kalo yg gede2 14 rb an, trus kalo beli ditempat pusat cat sablon lebih murah lagi soalnya mereka jual ons2 an :)


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