Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall - intage

summer goes, the fall is coming and still vintage takes the rule haha
actually today wasn't really good fiuuuw
i just felt so muccccch angry to my brother's girlfriend, actually i hated her yesterday, and more tomorrow -,-
i don't know why ? maybe that's just "a jealousy of little sister"

but then, sudden-random-weird-freak-thought came "i want to cut my hair short", the fact my hair was short, and i wanted shorter. Went to Johnny Andrean, asked Ms.Ima (my lovely hairstylish) to cut my hair shorter than this short -,-
and what? she just laughed 
and voilaaaaaa my hair made my day !!!! love so much

for this fall-intage i wore Soft Orange Cardigan from Dotti Australia, Flowery mini dress from some random outlet , Deep Blue Stocking from Sox Gallery, and Mocassine wedges from Iconinety9

as always, i needed some addition to make it cute, Vintage triple rings from @classtyleshop and Leather Bag from BaliBali
I wreally wreally love the ring, soooo into me haha

see the stocking colour ? it such a deep blue something purple maybe hmmm and the shoes the shoes looked so much perfect with my stocking 

the shorty shorty shorty browny hair, i love the way my neck makes me look lil bit tall haha, actually i am not, but yea my neck helps me alot.
Oh ya, at the end of day, my boyfriend gave me something, guess what ? that's what i am searching for, Pink Guitar Pick!
nomnomnom my life was perfect after my mad-a-while-day

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