Sunday, October 28, 2012

My 2nd Year Loversary!

" I feel so close to you right now"

too morning ? big no! hha blogging in the morning is anti-mainstream
well, get to the point

that video was my anniversary gift for my boyfriend, Bizal but i called him bizzy or sometimes bizzu ( red: bizo) on the same bag i also gave him converse navy sneakers, like mine! so we have same sneakers , yay !

at that rainy night, i went to Solo Square and directly went to Sport Station, bought the navy sneakers, asked for 8 size , but unluckily the hadn't ! but the shop-keeper said that 7,5 was okay, i told the guard to try. There was no 8 size, my mood had lossst. And at the same time i was in a big fight with bizzy :(((
well, i decided to buy that 7,5 size shoes!

After that i went to KFC ( oh ya i went here with my sister, @ovryan ), bought some finger lickin' good, and i pleaded for help to ovryan to help me made that stop motion video, actually that was so failed video, because that was my first time, but what's the wrong of trying ?

and i also wrote a love letter for him haha 

"2nd times of October 27th we have spent together
How it feels baby ? haha
Really wreally I’ve lost my words, I just don’t know whattosay, or sometimes I think I am dreaming, yeah me and you
2nd year of our long distance relationship, are you tired enough ? I want your absence to be a reminder to me, reminding me that I love you so much that it hurts when you’re not with me.
While I’m writing this note, you’re away… and I’m here thinking about you.
I’m remarking to myself how fortunate and blessed I am to have you as my beloved (a smile is spreading across my face attesting to that fact!)
I found it difficult in the past (and more so now) to wonder why I would be so blessed as to have you!?
In some ways, I suppose, we are very different from one another; not so much that we are in conflict, but enough to make our life together fresh and always-new
I love you deeply, sweetheart, and desire to make you happy and fulfilled. I so appreciate you and your abilities, your character, your smile, your everything! You are exactly what I think my beloved should be! In fact, you are more than I could have wished for, sweetheart.

Well, I have written you a love letter, feel like I live in 60’s or 50’s era maybe haha. Oh ya, I am also waiting for your “strawberry fields forever with your guitar in front of my home” when you are turning 27 years old haha

Cancalita "

At night we shared ah-lot about the different between our 1st year anniversary and 2nd year anniversary. After that the most hurt-feeling came when Bizzy said that "next year we can not celebrate our 3rd anniversary" then i said "why?" , Bizzy said " don't you remember i have to go to German, to finish my school"
slightly, i was so speechles, and i said " when will you go ?" , Bizzy said "August maybe"
that will be my Nightmare August -,-

Actually i have so much photos to post to, but the camera is on my brother's hand! Then i will post them later.

So far, i love him so much :) and i think no longer will grow in love :))
just like that shoes, always created in pairs 

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