Monday, October 8, 2012

My number 2nd man

some people asked me "do you have a boyfriend?

Well then, i will share little about my love-life, not that special, just like other people have.
I have a boyfriend, named Bizal. We are turning 2 years this month. He was my highschool mate, al-so my classmate haha 

and un-lucky-ly distance separates us, not that long , not that far. He is studying at Gajah Mada University, so he lives in Jogja. And me ? yap, I'm here, Solo. But I'm not that worried, it just 60kms haha. Sometimes if i really wreally miss him, and about to meet him, i take the train to jogja , that will only take  an hour of my time. 

Some people say that we are like a bestfriend. Indeed, we start everything from friend become bestfriend. 

Then, what we do when we are together ?
well, because i'm so in to beach, if we have enough time, we'll do beaches-adventure haha, spend our time (read magazine, drink something, eat someting, share every-stupid-thing) at the beach , sometimes till we get tan-skin haha

Also sing out loud at the car, whatever the song, whatever the music, whatever the lyric goes wrong, we sing out loud ! aaa that's what i really miss so much, that's fool but that's really fun to do

sometimes we do like what other couple do haha , photobox! that's a m-u-s-t
just once or twice. hmmm but guys, one day we went to the photo studio and did some photos there , how stupid we were, we were just thinking how stupid we were after the photos were done -,-

well, i said "a little" right ? i think that's enough about us. Thanks readers, love you! 


  1. huhu sama kaya aku, naik pramek buat ketemu pacar :D

    1. haha samaaa, di rela-relain di colek orang iseng -,-


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