Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Watercolor Effect Photo

Bonjour !
how's your tuesday ? tell me a little then

i didn't go to my college this morning, aaaak actually i wanted to, but my stomach felt lil bit weird, maybe because of satay i ate last night.
well, times goes fly, and i feel so boh-red!

die to find something to do, check my blog, check my twitter, again my blog, again my twitter, how boring!
and the time finally answers ! i have found a blog which has a really wreally great photoshop photo effect editing tutorial.
yep , it called watercolour effect, and i tried tried and tried.
fiuuuu, and voilaaaa, the result is a lil bit messed 

first, i made my photo had a white background, and added some effects over and over again. So, colourful, isn't it ? (if you want me to make the tutorial, then give me feedback)
i hope that today i also have a colourful day ever. Thought my stomach didn't
oh ya, lately, some stupid facts went after me :( stupid things that made me thought i was so stu-pid
i won't tell you about that stupid things, sorry but i hope that you all guys blow me some lucks then

Well, time to go, i have to take a bath and go to my college for my next lesson, have a great tues-day !


  1. please do the tutorial for this watercolor effect! i'm dying to know about it... btw would you visit my blog http://ranishakaur.blogspot.com/

    1. oke dear, i'll make it as soon as possible ;) .. will do :)


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