Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hot Rainy Night

one thing i do really enjoy about night is how you can wear your sexy black tops mix with any vintage bottom, and you will get higher!

Dying to try some warms from enchanting backless button shirt, i named her "Moonlit Amenities" my own design from @PRAMAcloths
she has a really great fabric and perfect black colour, so classy!

Collab with Starlight Mini Turban from @WhatIWoreStuff , my town local store, her name is flying high and higher nowadays. You are looking for any headbands ? turban ? bracelets? go straight to her!
you'd be dying to know how cute stuffs she has !

I'm in the mood of backless today, actually not because i did some treatment for my back haha but a part of my body i most love are neck and back. Some people , not me , say that i have a long neck and spacious shoulder .
For me ? i love all parts of my body, no exception, even occasional acne on my forehead haha

Feel more sexy with Earring again and again from @WhatIWoreStuff , did i tell you before ? i hate @Gisszy and @AdillaGanis (the owner), both of them always make me hungry of their stuff!

last photo was taken inside the car, it means the rain again and again was coming ! i have to go, see you , much loves !


  1. You're so lovely and sexy kakak <3<3
    wanna follow each other?


    1. thanks sweety hhe , follow me i will follow you back :)


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