Friday, November 2, 2012

Jelly Mint Shoelture , Shoes with Culture

Goodnight ladieeees, how I miss you all
how are you how are you how are you ? *spreadingmyhugs

This time , i wat to introduce my new friends, Jelly Mint, guess who ?

Yap, Jelly Mint is a Shoes Maker Company from Solo, just like the title said, Shoes with Culture , indeed, we make some shoes with batik, as we have known that batik is one of our national identity. Actually I'm working for Jelly Mint as their marketing, but sometimes I make the shoes design , want to know who's my boss ? haha , She is the adorable one, Juwita Maharani (@juwita_maharani). Since I know that this company make some batik shoes, I'm a big glad to work for this company haha

well, you must be get so curious with our shoes, right ?

here they are, our babies ....

First is Drupadi , why Drupadi ? then follow our twitter @jellymintshop for the explain about this shoes
oh ya I'm about to make a blog for Jelly Mint so ... coming soon baby

and second is Sembadra , this shoes specially made for Kak Bethanny Putri , here her blog Afternoon Tea and Living Room.

So ladies, you want some ? follow us and grab the shoes!!!


  1. They told us that those are manmade leather. They are trying to make these artificial pig skins look more ‘genuine’.

    Get Taller

  2. woahh sembrada just looks so keeewwwwll!
    And your blog....
    I love it! You are a creative girl
    Salam kenal Cancalita!


    *would you mind to follow each other? :)

    1. exactly! our first Sembadra owned by kak Bethany Putri :)

      thanksss love your blog too dearest :)))


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