Sunday, November 25, 2012


Part of me is sad to rain-ize an outfits for summer and sunshine and bare legs. Why? Why i must make somethig adapt itself to a season it isn't intended for? Why ? Why must I adapt to colder weather, shorter days, and seemingly endless dark nights of wind and frost? 

see ? I'm still hanging out with this summer outfits. So much laugh, so much love, so much warm i make!
i just hate rain season, NO! i hate rain so much. Seems so cold and so not co-ol!

be friend with my skin colour backless shirt from @classtyleshop
make it cute with dotty skorts (skirt and shorts) from @PRAMAcloths
stand under The Secret, Unusual summer hat
and make it easy with Converse navy sneakers


@PRAMAcloths is my new brand, besides Owl in The Canopy. Today i have launched my 2nd Project "Dancing in The Rain" , the dotty skorts called :)
Look! My Camera! that's my grandpa's, i found it about 2 or 3 years ago, un-luckily the camera is broken , beach water did!

@classtyleshop is a local brand which has so much kewl vintage stuffs, stands in Solo and Jogja, and you don't have to be worry the owner is soooo kind-hearted!
today I'm wearing their backless shirt and pinky rosy vintage ring, fyi i have so much stuff i bought from them hehe
recommended seller, trusted, and whorted!

a minutes after my last photo , finally the rain was coming so i had to end my summer me time, uuu really miss summer :( summer always has a good weather passion better, much much better than other season !

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