Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Ngayogjazz Night

Sugeng Rawuh means Welcome

Long time no "hello" between us fellasssss , love love love
well, today i want to tell you something about what i love so much!
no, today is not about fashion, today is about myu-zic ! yap music!

this long weekend, mm half of my long weekend i have spent at Jogjakarta, Sunday, November 18th, Jogja had a really great jazz event called Ngayogjazz (my eyes got bigger when i knew that), so i decided to spend my holiday for watching that e-vent !
funny face or something corner

un-luckily , the rain was falling too hard that sunday , the more un-luckily i wore shoes, my fav shoes that night, the most un-luckily i got a dying big fight with Bizal -,- oh poor
butttt... some happiness came after, so much happiness
hanging-flying birds

i see this birds was hanging-flying-something on! so cute and so love them

actually i just want to see Bary Likumahuwa performace so i went to Panggung Pacul, but the show wasn't begin yet. Sooo, i went to Panggung Lesung and what?! i found emm ... i found what ?! i found Aljabar was on the stage !

Aljabar from Semarang

backless top by @classtyleshop
and met Okky, he is a jazz singer and his friend, i forgot the name -,- , maybe you are asking why he wore that thing? yaps, because the hard-long-rain-on-sunday-night , almost all of the visitors wore rain coat, me ? of-e-course not, i wore umbrella because i didn't have the rain coat. 

actually that night was so ah-mah-zing, gonna be more amazing if i didn't wear my moccasine, and didn't get a big fight with bizal -,-

 million candle or something called torchs ? they didn't die eventhough the rain was falling heavily
oh ya, the other half of my long weekend, i have spent them for made ombre shoes and galaxy t-shirt , i have pic-tweet-ed the results.
i also published my acoustic cover, not that great, indeed, i am just a bathroom singer haha


  1. Hey.. Thx for coming to Ngayogjazz and watching ALJABAR! We hope we entertain u :D

    1. you're welcome :))))))))) worth to watch

    2. Thx again :) its been so magical for us performing at ngayogjazz in the rain with all the audience stands still and enjoys the show..
      Hey, maybe u wanna follow us on twitter @aljabarmusic for more updates about our songs and upcoming gigs from us ;)

    3. not just rain but that was a-really-hard-rain haha
      i have followed the twitter anyway, come to soloooo!
      solo also has such jazz event

    4. Solo? We will!! We really looking forward to it.. Actually we almost perform in Solo City Jazz, but then something happen so then they canceled us.. But u still can request our songs in Solo Radio, 3 singles we've released, or maybe u wanna check out our songs at soundcloud.com/aljabarmusic
      Hope u enjoy our songs! :)

    5. sometimes i do both request and check your song, so please tell me when you are all going to solo hhe

    6. I will.. U'l know it through our twitter, or maybe i can inform u someway else? Let me know!
      We're curently working on studio for our 'soon to be release' debut album, wish us luck! Solo wont be miss for the tour when we release this album.. And thanks, thanks again for checking out our songs, i hope those songs can add some colors to ur days..

      Btw, nice guitar strumming on "kiss me" cover ;)

    7. you can mention me on twitter , i'm so waiting for the info hehe , or maybe email
      aaaaaa gonna scream as loud as i can , waiting waiting waiting, no i can't wait ! hohenzollern

      aa thankyou i have messed up with that hha

  2. wooow super great event in the middle of rain right? :D
    I wish I could come but I couldn't because I am in Malang right now
    Anywaaaayy your backless shirt just awesomeness! Where did you buy it? :D

    Do you want to follow each other?



    1. yaps! that was dying per-fect ! haha

      wow malang! malang has been added to my holiday wish list haha

      thanks, read on my next post, you will find where i bought this shirt hehe

      i have followed yours by the way

    2. so, pack your clothes and let's escape to Malang haha

      Thank you :) I'll follow you back


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