Friday, December 7, 2012

Rainbow Cake in Jars

i know, i know, another rainbow cake, but.... this one is slightly different, maybe ? 
actually that day before i made this cake, i stared at a couple of jars on the table, those were carica ( kind of fruit ) jars. 
Everybody knows that i love sweet, i love make and i love eat them, sweets ! and maybe bake a dessert is my middle name.

Well, First of all, i omitted the label with the cutter ( frankly, lil bit scary -,- ) and you will get a couple of plain jar.

ofe-course you have to prepare what you need to make the rainbow cake, for the receipt you can get it from some sites, but be sure, the site that you follow has a good taste of rainbow cake haha
I used 4 eggs, 6 food colouring, milk, flour, granulated sugar, butter, baking powder, and vanilla powder. Last as the toping i used butter cream and sprinkle candy.

and mixed all the materials, mixed and mixed, mixed this and mixed that. added some colours, and BAKED! 
cut the cake as big as the jar, put them inside, gave some butter cream and last.....

SPRINKLE CANDY made them look so yummy !
that's why i love sweet, sweets, they will always do the best to make everyone happy

Put them inside refrigerator, in plan, i will give this rainbow cake for my special friends, one is for my best friend, she is such a really good listener and great advicer, then the other one i will give it to my best-bully-buddy who gave the caricas for me, indeed, i miss eat a sack of carica like what my father always bought for me.

I always spread my sweetest smile when i eat what i love most, for ex eat carica. I hope that my bestfriends will spread the sweetest smile for me when they eat my rainbow cake in jars. i hope :)))

if there is anything more fun than eating a rainbow cake in a jar then i don't know what is.


  1. omg it looks so yummy and unique! in a jar :D
    Well, I like giving what I made to my bestfriends too :D

    visit my little cream button♥

    1. hahah well actually i didn't know the taste, was that good or not, but my friends said that it was yummy

      so let's make some wit love, it must be delicious ! hha


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