Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fascinating Merbabu, November 2013

hell yeah ! 
where have i been ? haha it's been a long long long time since my last rubbish love story post haha
guys, i have traveled a lot since my last heart-broke haha 
kicked my feet to Sempu Island, to Bandung, to Pangrango, and Merbabu Mt. in a row , a month , November huhu

Well, today i want to tell you about my hike activity , to Merbabu Mt. 
how i love this thing so much , mountain ..
some people asked me "what you get from doing that thing?" , and gladly i answered " i got everything i need "

Merbabu Mt. all mountaineers know it well , that Merbabu has the best green green view ever.
Sunrise, sunset , they just looked so perfect from Merbabu when i went there with my bestfriends.
We started our trip from Mr. Parman's Base camp at 3 pm. We were all walking happily begging some prays from people we owned around us. It was so sunny and the sky turned so blue, so i was smiling along the trekking time. I put my jacket down, the wind was too beautiful to pass it up.

tired ... everyone felt the same thing .. no sighed .. 
the trekking terrain was a bit precipitous , slippery, and it was such a long row to hoe , MERBABU via  SELO 
but the sunset-big-secret of Merbabu removed every tiring things we felt
reddish twilight and ..... faintly , i heard Adzan from soooo far far away  

4 hours left and we were here ! Sabana 1, the sky turned dark , and we built our camp, i built my own camp alone , because my body started to feel cold, my hands was shaking, my lips was trembling , and i couldn't stop shooking my head 
my camp was ready and i put my carrier inside the camp, i wore my flannel shirt above my t-shirt , and i wore my jacket above my flannel shirt, and i wore my rain coat above my jacket .
I felt so cold outside and inside , fiuuhhhh
so i decided to sleep inside my sleeping bag after had my dinner , the boys cooked my dinner lalala 

Sunrise called
Everyone wake up
no one wanted to skip their meeting with mr.sun
Merbabu Sunrise , they told me , Merbabu has the best sunrise 
red, orange, dark blue, and white , and .... Merapi Mt. 
They just made me fall in love with them , with that combination, everytime i saw them , i was falling deeper and deeper 

6 am in the next fine morning , time to pack our day-pack, me brought my camera, soda, cigarettes, and my faith 
"you have to climb the highest mountain , kick the rocks off your way , and breath , and close your eyes , and enjoy the peak .. bring your faith to make you stronger than everyone has thought about you, that will stab their heart out " that was what my dad always said to me and Dad, i always did that thing

Green , Sabana, Blue Sky, White Clouds, and The Lofty Merapi Mount.
those were all what my eyes could see , i was there , on the peak of Merbabu Mount. 3145 meters above the sea level.
and .... with my bestfriend , i felt so blessed , hohoho i am crying 
i just felt that i was so blessed everytime, every single second i have passed , they were all here with me 

The wind touched my body and removed my misery
i closed my eyes and breathed, and i knew i was so blessed
i looked at them who looked at me , and the warm hug spread above the peak 
still asked for more ?
no , God gave me everything , even something i didn't ask for before


So i told the sky what i felt lately , i threw everything, up there , i felt so sorry to Merbabu that i had to threw all my pains.

God , i don't need anything in this world except my dad
i don't want anything in this world except my dad too
but you gave me something i never ask before , Bestfriends and Mountains

i must be so idiot if i am asking for more , won't do , believe me , won't do ..........................

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Shoe Million Taste

hayyyyy !
hmmm i should post about beauty care on thursday , but i thought that today is thursday , in fact today is friday :(
so i decided to keep my beauty care tips for next week, i am so sorry , i didn't mean it

being at my room, regret about my  why-you-easily-forget-something manner , discovering my room, and voila! a pair of UP wedges catch my eyes
while i remember my mom gave me her trousers , trousers, yeah , mmm working trousers "what do i do with this stuff God?"
 and clinkkkkk " i have an idea"
So, i wear a thing with different taste , 'a thing' stands for UP shoes, and 'different taste' stands for three styles

First is "Flawless Lady Look" , those trousers were trousers i've told you guys, my mom's working trousers from The Executive, at first i didn't know what i've to do with this trousers, but then mmm i match it with Studded Neck Shirt by @classtyleshop , and Wedges from UP Shoes !
it looks good for you who not-really-tall kind of girl, i am just 160 cms -___- and i wear the trousers and the wedges,anddd i look more than 160cm horayyyyyyyyyy

The bag also from my mom, teenage mom, hha so this bag is so old , even older than me , she said she bought this when she went to India with my dad

and this is the trousers, mmm i think i will wear it , it looks good on me >.<
i can wear this to my fine dinner with boyfie, or meeting with friends at sbucks, promnight party is allowed too

while wearing this, i imagine , someday i will be an interior designer , i will wear this outfits, i must be so stunning >.< haaa can't wait being graduated from college and become a fashionable interior designer

and this is what i love , studded ! @Classtyleshop has a bunch of studded shirt and i want all of them, Selly , give me one please huhu
because life is not plain like a pocket shirt , i want the studs to bring me highers

 and  second is "Beautiful Madness" it is so dam casual, you can wear it to everywhere you go, college , yes, mall, yes, club, yes, park, yes, museum, yes, art exhibiton, a big yes

i ripped my Dotti Jeans ,i love this jeans because Dotti is an australia brand so the lenght is over than my height  , even that's the smallest size haha so i can curl the edges of my jeans , or i will get a little wavy on my jeans's edges, how i ripped ? i used the un-sharp cutter , and cut it cut it
The Studded neck long shirt is my own design, and i made it wuhuhuhu

The shoes still from UP Shoes, and it looks so perfect with my jeans , a new couple hihihi

The tan leather bag is from Peppermint , my aunt brought this for me from Dubai, she lives there with her family, and i love it, this bag is a bit big, but so light , and i can wear any colours clothes for this bag

because of the cosiness of the shoes, it's 12 cms, but i still can run, jump, play with my foots , and i love it, when i wear this i imagine when someday i finally become a mom, i will wear this kind of style, so i will be a gorgeous mom for my kids 

and this is the detail of my studded neck

and the lasttttt for today is " Little Miss Cloudless" , i wear some of my pastel colours stuffs
you can wear this outfits to have your evening tea time with your fellas

and you can tie your hairs up with some scrunchies, and hihihi so cute right , i feel like i am a 15 years old girl

The flare skirt is from Luna Maya for Hardware and The studded neck pinkish shirt again from @classtyleshop ! 
The shoes of to the course from UP Shoes

The Flowery Bag from Anna Sui, i bought this at The Secret Boutique

and this is the neck's details

wuhuuuuu 3 styles, 3 tastes, 3 personalities, ONE SHOES !

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Mountain Trekking Outfits

well, some people , okey , some girls, asked me about my mountain trekking outfits, doooh i even didn't think about my outfits when i did mountain-trekking, but well i will answer their question , about my mountain trekking outfits

i don't wear something too much for this lovely activity, i just wear what i should wear , i wear mountaineer shoes, cargo pants or light jeans, long sleeves t-shirt, jacket, hat, nothing more nothing less
and yeah of course carrier ...
nothing special , i've told you but you guys forced me to tell you about my outfits , so what should i do ?

so those were what i was wearing , jacket from American Apparel , that winter jacket belongs to my brother, so it feels so harm to hide inside that jacket , and stripes long sleeves from Corniche  , and thennnn cargo pants from Topshop , Mountaineer shoes from Rei , gloves from Eiger, Carrier from haaa i forgot the brand -___-

and that picture took at Semeru Mt. on the way to Ranukumbolo

and those thing is head warmer mmm head piece mmm .. yeah that thing is Rei , and so warmmmmmmm sooo warm , and i just wore trainig pants, socks, and mountaineer sandals from Eiger

that picture took at Ranukombolo while i was cooking for all my friends, i was being the chef -__-
but yea they said i was good enough :')

and that picture was when i put my jacket off on the next day  , basic tees from Details , and eye glasses from RayBan
and hmm this picture too at Jambangan 

so those are my shoes , and Bizal's , though that shoes are so bold and big , but that pairs feel so comfy when you wear for having some trip to mountain , sometimes i wear that shoes for hanging out to mall, and for going to college , well i know i am so random, but .... hmm i think that shoes have its own style, so fashionable though

and those picture when i was wearing light jeans from Rodeo, simple, and yeah really light , but don't wear it for night outfits because you will be freezed, i just wear jeans for day trekking

and this is what man should wear for mountain trekking , he is  @asdikurniawan , my travelling mates, man should wear jacket, mountaineer shoes, t-shirt , carrier , and maybe bring camera ahhh haha, denim , well, that's so cool outfits i think, i mean , Asdi isn't cool -___- , just what he wore .

And yeah , that's a little what you should wear for mountain trekking , mmm i said, i didn't really think about my outfits , i could wear everything dude, that's mountain , no one care haha
but still, i have to wear what i have to wear when i am in the mountain

hmm, is that enough about outfits post ? haha now, i will give you some pictures of mine

for this amazing milky way photo , we had to be freezed and didn't move even an inch for about 30 seconds haha , epic
worth lahhh haha, that picture took at Kalimati at night and it was so damn damn damn cold :/ 

and this line of pictures took at Oro-Oro Ombo, and i felt so summer , uuu i wanted to stay a bit longer there , didn't want to go back home :(
@dyannicholas took all this adorable pictures, he is a good photographer , i have to admit it -___- 

and this is my favorite photo , it was candid hmmm yeah , i played with some you-can-blow-it flowers haha

So guys , that's enough i think , wear what you should wear, wear everything in the same bag as the condition, and you have to know what you should wear and what you shouldn't
even when it's not tight , it's not cute, it's so boyish , it's not pink, not purple, not sky blue, not some pastel colours, when you will confidence with that , and it's of course what you should wear, it will look good
goodbyeeee !

Thursday, September 26, 2013


yay! today is Thursday !
time to treat my face again after a week , last week i told you about an egg mask , so what's next today ?
well today i will tell you about "TOMATO SCRUB" huuuuuwaaaaa
i really love tomato , because this cute little thing has so much advantage for your body and skin

Tomato Scrub can make your skin become a million times smoother and more fresh , also ... it can cure your naughty acne.
why tomato can do that ? because tomato contains powerful antioxidant that can be an anti-aging and keep your elasticity of your skin , tomato also can be a moisturizer for your skin, so go go go dry skin !

 and how to make it ?????!

 First ! prepare some stuffs you will need for this tomato scrub !
tomato !!!!

sugar !!

knife !!

headband !!

second ! are you ready guyssss ?! let's make it !

wear your headband , so your hair will not bother you a lot haha

take your potato , and cut it !

take a little part of your tomato that you have cut it before, and put on your sugar 

yummmm! it seems so deliciousooooo

and scrub the tomato to your face , make a round motion , gently, make sure that you don't scrub it too hard , because the sugar pattern can hurt your skin

and let it dry for about 10 minutes, the tomato's fluid will get in to your skin through your skin's pores.
for me while waiting for that , i did some radom things , haha tooke a picture of my self in front of the mirror, that was sooo unimportant thing though haha

and also, i made a tomato juice from the unused part of my tomato, yummy, love it !

 and voila ! 10 minutes have left , wash your face with cold water and feel the freshness !


and the third step, or the last of thing you have to do

use your moisturizer cream

and put your ice cube around your face

make it dry, and...... VOILA!

and you are done ! it's so easy to do right ? again, don't do this too often , twice a month are more than enough hehe

so, that's all . i have to go guys,  for preparing CISC Solo birthday , see you on the next Thursday gurls !

Brown Bow Tie