Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

whoops whoops! 
how are you guys ? miss you so much, higher than the sky, bigger than the earth, wider than the ocean, and brighter than the sun !
hope you are all in the best condition ever, stay healthy!

so bored being home a whole day, finally i decided to get a little window shopping this noon. Though this was just a sort simple trip, still i needed some god stuffs to be my best-hanging-out-friends !
here they are , i give you my look for The Sunday Afternoon time 

it seems like i'm an oxford student , right ? indeed, i was dressing like Oxford Student, mix the collar shirt with sweater, jeans, loafers, and postman bag !

i wore studded peach pinkish tank shirt from @classtyleshop , do you guys realize that some of my outfits stuffs were from @classtyleshop ? i tell you once again, you'd be dying to know how cute stuffs they have ! 
by the way, @classtyleshop just uploaded their new stuffs, adorable stuffs! (whoaa scream)
luckily, the studded be friend with my Land's End tosca sweater, and Colorbox washed jeans. As the sweetener i wore my Iconinty9 loafers (my fav one!) and my leather handmade postman bag.


also, i got new tribal clutch from my friend, so cuteeee, fucking cute. If you want such clutch like mine  ( she has some cute pattern ) you can get her  at @bernadettadeaa

 and voila! some adorable stuffs collabed to be the one adorable look, simple and easy to be your Sunday Afternoon hang out friend.
I really love this look, no reason, just too much love.

well, thanks for kindly wait my fashion post after some "curhat" post haha
kisses, love you all guys !
remember , you are what you do

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Feel like Sunday Morning

sunday morning, yeah today feels like sunday morning, it was so hard for me to wake up in the morning like i always done every morning,too tired maybe (?)

again, i feel like i am at the edge of the green hill, don't know what to do.

ahhh again, so sorry because maybe it's been so long after my last post about fashion, actually i have a lot outfits idea to share to, but the time doesn't allow me yet to do. I have to focus on some organization's projects, one of them is Sebelas Maret Cup VIII, that's a national karate competition event, i am as the sponsorship team of that event, honestly, it takes a whole time of my holiday,nor the worst i don't have my holiday. But i am doing fine with this, i can handle it and i always make sure to my self that "this is your holiday baby" and my suggestion goes well.

my mood, awkay talking about my mood, my mood is up and down lately, i am so easy to get mad and be okay 5seconds later, and get mad again a minute later. fewwwwww, so sorry for some people around me who have to give their arms for me freely. The based reason why my mood is up and down lately is i don't know haha it just happen all the time, sometimes because of a guy, a girl, a friend, mom, my bro, my life, my money, everything.

but i tell you guys! there is something better to talk about, my weight ! yaps finally i have touched 45kgs ! wohoooooo so happy with that, even i love my chubby cheeks! look so yummy to eat ! wohoooo and i cut my bang, my hair bang, get so curious ? just wait my next fashion post , i am in plan to post something smells denim, and sweater-anize hheu
 so please kindly wait , kisses

lately, i am in the mood of learn again about how to speak france, i know about english idiom, now i want to know about france idiom. i give you a little like faire un tabac which stands for be the toast of the town, then prendre le taureau par les cornes stands for to face a problem and etc. 

well that's maybe my a little mumbo jumbo

Friday, January 18, 2013

Jelly Mint's Retro Night and High Heels Running Competition

wuhuuuuu , how are you guys ? me miss you soooo darn much
well, you have to know i'm at my holiday , yay ! 

as the title has shown you about, exactly on December 30th 2012 , Jelly Mint ( clothing line i'm working for) held an extra-ordinary event, first time on my city, Solo. what's that ? what's that ? yaps, High Heels Running Competition, where some girls had to run with their high heels around the 2nd Floor of Solo Paragon Mall.
So much people were so excited with this event, maybe the thought it was something new. Some Media partner also came to support our event. 

first kloter of High Heels Running Competition, see, how they ran, so awesome, they didn't even scared to run with their killer heels haha. The Winner went to the black t-shirt lady, (give applause, drum rolls), the first, and runner up got so much prizes from Jelly Mint, in the form of vouchers from all sponsors, merchandise, and goody bag.

the event crews, with the winner!

guys, i'm one of an event crew, but i wanted to join with the competition to, finally i was dying to try to run with my (over 15cms height ) heels wkwk

see. i was also a high heels runner ! wohoooo and you guy have to try this too !

did i say retro night ? yap ! actually we also held "Retro Night" collabed with Solo Paragon Mall, so the runner had to wear retro outfits, but in fact, the crew did! the crew did wear the retro outfits and the runner didn't haha, epic.
the three photos above were the Event Crew!

yo yooo, that's all about the epic event ever, thanks for reading guys ! me love ya


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