Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

whoops whoops! 
how are you guys ? miss you so much, higher than the sky, bigger than the earth, wider than the ocean, and brighter than the sun !
hope you are all in the best condition ever, stay healthy!

so bored being home a whole day, finally i decided to get a little window shopping this noon. Though this was just a sort simple trip, still i needed some god stuffs to be my best-hanging-out-friends !
here they are , i give you my look for The Sunday Afternoon time 

it seems like i'm an oxford student , right ? indeed, i was dressing like Oxford Student, mix the collar shirt with sweater, jeans, loafers, and postman bag !

i wore studded peach pinkish tank shirt from @classtyleshop , do you guys realize that some of my outfits stuffs were from @classtyleshop ? i tell you once again, you'd be dying to know how cute stuffs they have ! 
by the way, @classtyleshop just uploaded their new stuffs, adorable stuffs! (whoaa scream)
luckily, the studded be friend with my Land's End tosca sweater, and Colorbox washed jeans. As the sweetener i wore my Iconinty9 loafers (my fav one!) and my leather handmade postman bag.


also, i got new tribal clutch from my friend, so cuteeee, fucking cute. If you want such clutch like mine  ( she has some cute pattern ) you can get her  at @bernadettadeaa

 and voila! some adorable stuffs collabed to be the one adorable look, simple and easy to be your Sunday Afternoon hang out friend.
I really love this look, no reason, just too much love.

well, thanks for kindly wait my fashion post after some "curhat" post haha
kisses, love you all guys !
remember , you are what you do


  1. dear, I just nominated you for Liebster award, go check my post :)

    1. aaaa thanks dear! it's the first time for me hehe

  2. love the way you mix the sweater



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