Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cold-er Thursday

what do i wear for this cold thursday, wreally lately my town's weather becomes so much colder than usual. Then i thought i needed something to make me warm, though a bit haha.
soooo today i am wearing a blazer and a scarf to make my body a little warm.

the blazer and the scarf could be a bestfriend for the freezing morning 

this one the detail of my fringe scarf, i made it by my self, my hand, and my soul (alah -,-) , for the steps how to make my fringe scarf, kindly go to my DIY blog , yeps good news, i made my second blog, just for some DIY stuff, so you don't have to scroll your pad harder to find some DIY stuffs i made.
and for the bag, i am using my teenage-mom's bag, so it was more than 20 years old haha older than meeeee..
the blazer, actually this is not blazer, this is kebaya, i swear this is kebaya, java traditional cloth, it was from my sister's wedding, me and my whole family wore this kebaya at her wedding. muehehe
and now i am wearing that kebaya as my daily blazer.

the skirts from Tommy Hilfiger, the tights from Sox Gallery, and the shoes ! my fav shoes ever ! flats and oxford ! 
the shoes from SYAR Canada, made from nubuks and they have so much oxford taste !

sometimes i hate the cold, but often i like it, i hate when the cold wildly makes me wake up in the early morning, also sometimes the could ruins my stomach , sick . But i often like it, i am not sweating, yep just because i am not sweating . haha

well, guys, this is my thursday , i hope that you are all at the great condition to face the unfriendly weather ( a minute cold a minute later become the hottest day ever )

bonjour <3

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Karate Girl and Teaser for Sebelas Maret CUP VIII

hai hai hai , good sunday noon everybody ! 
what are you doing on this sunny Sunday guy ? let me know ;)

me ? i am just arrived at home after watched karate gokashi competition, yaps !

i am a beginner at Karate actually, but my dad always  took me to watch some karate competition since i was kid. I took up Karate since the last week of September 2012, and now i am a yellow belt karateka wuhuuuu.
if only i knew how much fun karate is, i would have join since i was a little lady.

oh yea guys, i made a stop motion video for Sebelas Maret Cup VIII, you are all must be get so curious about what kind of event Sebelas Maret Cup VIII is, soooo check out my video then :)


Monday, February 11, 2013

Poker Face Cover

kindly listen to this haha
my last cover song, Poker Face from Lady Gaga
yea, some people sometimes being "poker face" 
sometimes being pokerface is something good in same case, but mostly something bad in all case, haha


Brown Bow Tie