Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cold-er Thursday

what do i wear for this cold thursday, wreally lately my town's weather becomes so much colder than usual. Then i thought i needed something to make me warm, though a bit haha.
soooo today i am wearing a blazer and a scarf to make my body a little warm.

the blazer and the scarf could be a bestfriend for the freezing morning 

this one the detail of my fringe scarf, i made it by my self, my hand, and my soul (alah -,-) , for the steps how to make my fringe scarf, kindly go to my DIY blog , yeps good news, i made my second blog, just for some DIY stuff, so you don't have to scroll your pad harder to find some DIY stuffs i made.
and for the bag, i am using my teenage-mom's bag, so it was more than 20 years old haha older than meeeee..
the blazer, actually this is not blazer, this is kebaya, i swear this is kebaya, java traditional cloth, it was from my sister's wedding, me and my whole family wore this kebaya at her wedding. muehehe
and now i am wearing that kebaya as my daily blazer.

the skirts from Tommy Hilfiger, the tights from Sox Gallery, and the shoes ! my fav shoes ever ! flats and oxford ! 
the shoes from SYAR Canada, made from nubuks and they have so much oxford taste !

sometimes i hate the cold, but often i like it, i hate when the cold wildly makes me wake up in the early morning, also sometimes the could ruins my stomach , sick . But i often like it, i am not sweating, yep just because i am not sweating . haha

well, guys, this is my thursday , i hope that you are all at the great condition to face the unfriendly weather ( a minute cold a minute later become the hottest day ever )

bonjour <3


  1. ah you are so creative! and cute girl! :)) I wanna meet you Ca, hehehe.. I hope you can teach me (eyes to eyes~ halah~) some of your DIY stuffs xD
    Are you Dito's friend, Ca?
    oyeah I've follow you on twitter. my acc is @rarascestya :)
    nice to know you and I love your blog!

    1. thanks bench !
      i went to Malang yesterday anyway

      aaaaw , let's meet if you go to solo then hehe
      yaps, i am hehe

      nice to know you too, i will follow you back ;)

  2. nice look :)
    and lovin your header.. cute one :D

    visit mine whenever you had a chance

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

    1. thanks beb ! i have checked yours, and was dying to know how cute yours too !


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