Sunday, February 17, 2013

Karate Girl and Teaser for Sebelas Maret CUP VIII

hai hai hai , good sunday noon everybody ! 
what are you doing on this sunny Sunday guy ? let me know ;)

me ? i am just arrived at home after watched karate gokashi competition, yaps !

i am a beginner at Karate actually, but my dad always  took me to watch some karate competition since i was kid. I took up Karate since the last week of September 2012, and now i am a yellow belt karateka wuhuuuu.
if only i knew how much fun karate is, i would have join since i was a little lady.

oh yea guys, i made a stop motion video for Sebelas Maret Cup VIII, you are all must be get so curious about what kind of event Sebelas Maret Cup VIII is, soooo check out my video then :)


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  1. Soooo pleased you have taken up karate!!! All girls should be made to do it - learning how to defend yourself is so empowering and confidence building. I remember how it felt the first time I kicked a guy in the balls. Standing over him as he was curled up in agony was the best feeling in the world, and every girl should experience that feeling. You go girl!!!


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