Friday, March 15, 2013

The "R" Dream Catcher

heeeelooo world ! are you ready for the weekend guys ? me ? i have ah-lot of things to have done, lil bit dizzy , confused, sometimes sad, sometimes hopeless hoaaaa 
but don't worry , i am okay ! 

well, at this post i want to explain about my new stuff on my body, guess what ? yaps, my tattoo . Some people asked me about my tattoo, is that temporary ? is that permanent ? what that means ? where i made that ? who made it , blah blah blah , anddd today i will tell you about what you were asking about .

here is my tattoo
first question about is that temporary or permanent ? the answer frankly that's permanent guys , and gonna stuck on my back fo-re-ver. It took almost a year to think about it , and i was just waiting for the right time to make it. 
second question about what that tattoo means, it means a lot for me , that's a dream catcher symbol, i am so sure, you must be really know about it, and The "R" letter stands for the first letter of my daddy's name, i really love him.
third question, where i made and who made it , well, i made it at my friend tattoo studio, best-known as "Noel Ink Tattoo", they just re-opened their new studio, bcs they moved from the old studio to the new one, They do really good at everything about tattoo (black grey or colour both !), they also really good at piercing and temporary tattoo matter.
If you stay or live in Solo, you can invite their BBM pin 3145DD5F or through phone number 08884110908 for further information and Tattoo appointment, you have to make an appointment before make some tattoo, a day before, to check are they full or not.

at first i thought that it would be really hurt, but in fact, it was not ! not that hurt. I am in plan to make another one on my wrist "let it be" tattoo with some black birds on it, maybe the following months.

and I am a bit tired today , it is 11 pm and i am so sick tired after watched Asterix and Obelix movie, the movie was really entertaining, and great of course ! Such a recommended one
sooooo, good night people !

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy DIY Hobo Bag from T-SHIRT

hellllllooooo guys ! i am in a couple day holiday wohooooo, too much happy, anddd because i didn't know what i have to do yesterday , so i made this DIY video tutorial about how to make Hobo Bag from Unused T-shirt.
sooo, this is my first video tutorial.
Well, in this case i used my brother t-shirt (muehehe), it was so easy guys. You just need to prepare your unused t-shirt and scissors, just t-h-a-t !

I am in plan to wear my hobo bag to go to some beaches trip, and take some pictures with that.
sooo, please, kindly wait my next post about my beaches trip outfits !
thanks guys , melovya <3

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My First Smokey Eyes Make Up

holllllaaaaa, this is a really late night post, or maybe early morning of March 9th , haha
well, why too late ? because today was a really really full-activities-day, bought some fabrics, a\tattoo appointment, movie time ( i watched Jack and Giant Slayer), late late dinner, and just went home at 12 :)))))

well, the noon of March 8th , i have tried to do a Smokey Eyes Make Up, the day before i watched the tutorial on Youtube with my friend, and yap ! i was so exciting to do such smokey eyes on me!

and the resultttttttt (drums roll)

the right stands for before and the left one stands for after, simple way to make it, i just needed foundation, powder , concealer, gel eye liner, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow , blush on, lipstick, false eye lashes, and eyebrow pencil.
alsooooo some brushes !

smokey eyes make up will help you a lot at prom night or some club party.
aaaaah remember , i was changing my hair colour into something chocolate reddish , andddddd day by day it's turning sooooooo blondeeeeee

if some people ask me to make the tutorial, then i will make it for you, well, it's all for today , off to sleep, have a nice day all !

Brown Bow Tie