Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dashing Baby Shoes by Sewing Mama Indonesia

Hello kiddos ! well, honestly this week i am too busy with my new brand "Sewing Mama" 's projects, the new one is Dashing Baby Shoes by Sewing Mama Vol. 1
I made this baby shoes like i made a cup of tea for my love, with all my heart , added some cuteness as the sugar, some cheerfullness as the hot water, and some cosiness as the cup.
So this shoes have complete formula to rock your baby , mom !

The Vol.1 we proudly present baby AIMEE and baby AURELIE
both of them have different personality.
i will tell you a bit about them then.....

First is AIMEE , She is cheerful and cute. She is a bit boyish , and easy going.
made from import quality flanel and safe suede thread material for baby as the bows.

see, how cute she is ! she is introducing her self to all gorgeous mom in this whole world.

Second is AURELIE, she is beauty and classy, so love to attend some party. Made from black and maroon import quality flanel with safe faux gold material for baby.

She is so adorable, her taste, her attitude, and the way she introduces her self to all mom in this world.

we are very concerned with the cosiness of the baby , so we are very carefully in choosing the shoes materials . We also always make the overload cuteness original design for all of our shoes. Aimee and Aurelie is a little start of our provement that every baby also can do fashion as fast as they can, Gorgeous Mom will have Gorgeous Baby too :)))

 PS: heyaaa i also did cut my hair , not make it shorter , just make it more has a shape

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bunny Ears Scrunchies by Sewing Mama

Night everyone , wohoooo
how's your week guys ? let me know a bit about your week, is it fun or bored ? i want to know haha

well, today , i am about to introduce my new baby hmmm baby ? yap my baby ! 
Sewing Mama by Cancalita , another line of mine, but this one only for hair stuffs, why hair ? yap, i just want to make you, girls, look so fabolous with not just ordinary hair, no need to do a lot of things , just add some cute stuffs on your beautiful hair.
i just made my first hair-accessories project , they are Bunny Ears Scrunchies , why bunny ? i just think that bunny always walks with a word called happiness.

say hello to my babies !

Pattern Perfection
 Scrunchie is a one of hair stuff which very popular on 80's teen world. Yea because i love vintage , i still give a little bit taste of my passion, vintage.
I used some my favorite pattern, floral, polcadot, and squary.
I also give them names which describe their personality.

She is Aalish ( noble kind , French ). She is so mature, smart and love to read some books, She is the charming one

Second, She is Sherre ( Darling, French ). She loves summer , grass, sky, and nature-travels, the cloudless one

Third, She is Amanda ( must be loved, Latin ). Baby Amanda , She is black but she is cute, also so romantic , the lovable one

Last, She is Elayne ( brigth light, French ). Baby Elayne, she is a bit boyish , loves purple , and she is so easy-going, the humble one

"There are two sides for everything, My side and the wrong one" - Happy Bunny quotes
Girls, they just want 10k IDR from your pocket for each Bunny ears scrunchie.
also we will take 1K IDR for every purchase for charity , we will give your money to some children who need that money more than us.
how to order ?
send us an email to
or text us on +628562822886
also follow us on @sewingmamaind

wait for our next amazing project guys !

Monday, April 8, 2013

A bit Korean Fever

HELLOOOOO, Good Morning bloggie land, L'air etait froid et le ciel d'un bleu lumineux. Today  , just like what i have said on my last post, so yaa i made (again) my daily outfit post.
And mmmm maybe this post a bit exposed with what we called as "Korean Fever" haha because I just received a cute t-shirt package from Route 28 this morning. It is Tiffany SNSD t-shirt guys! wooooo mega cute !
and I also added some accesories to make it more and more cute.

some bracelets i bought from Jogja, you can easily get such bracelets if you go to Malioboro , almost all of the sellers sell this bracelets. Bear ring a gift from my friend, and ear accesories i bought from my frien , Dyta.

Andddd voila ! i wore my Tiffany SNSD t-shirt from Route 28 , and they also have another personil t-shirt, like Yoona, Yuri, Soo Young, and many more .
I also wore leather belt from Luna Maya for Hardware, Baby Blue Flare Skirt also from LM for Hardware , Socks from Sox Gallery, and Sneakers from Converse All Stars

The detail of my outfits, i cropped my t-shirt!

and for the make up , i am not a master of this part , i just did what i could do , haha i used creme and pink eye shadow. and then eyeliner ,mascara,  pink blush on and lipstick.
yea smells so much pink! haha

well, this is just a short post , but i am dying love this style, just like i am back to my childhood world, belle epoque, everything is about pink, baby blue, and some addition cute stuffs.
Merci beaucoup , find me on my next post ! oh yea don't forget listen my new sound "Talking to The Moon"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yin and Yang

whoaaa long time no share anything in this lovely place, today , mmm it is not about my outfits, but i do have a plan to make a post about my outfits, i am just waiting for my shoes, and i am so ready for my next outfits post.

today today today i want to share about my photo project, about a few day ago. A bit sexy , just a bit hahaha sometimes i don't know how to look so sexy , what i have to do with my eyes, my lips, or hands , hair, some way to be the sexy baby haha .

aaaa love this photo so much so much so much , even i made this as my twitter ava , bbm's display picture, and cover photo on my facebook.
don't know , it's just my back photo actually , but i do really love my back shape.

some things happened to me lately , the bad and the good, like the yin and the yang. when something bad happened to me, a day after , i got something good.

 The bad even worse was Bizal's accident , yep he got a really bad accident , until the car burned, made me so speechless when someone called me at the middle of the night said that bizal was in a hospital bcs an accident , he crashed the truck, and the car burned  (i was ready for my bed and pajama), directly i drove my car to the hospital alone, so fast about 70-80 km/h, i was so scared , i was dying scared, i couldn't think , i couldn't say anything, i just wished that everything was okay, Bizal was okay.
and hospital, emergency room, i saw Bizal there , i felt so lucky , i still could see Bizal there, with a bit smile and a bit tears. I could say anything , i thanked to God for what He gave to Bizal, second chance.
Bizal told me that the car burned, the doors locked, his legs pinned, and he resigned, he was thinking that that night was his last night, last night met his parents and me.
And i said " don't tell me about what happened to you, tell me about what do you feel right now"

The Good, i know that Bizal loves me with his everything. I don't care he is ( not permanently ) one leg guy ( i can be your left leg ) , he can't drive ( i can drive for you, wherever you want) , he can't visit me ( i can visit you ), her hair is so messy ( i can tidy it up for you ), he finds so hard to eat ( i can be your hands ), i wanna be everything you need , i do!

Brown Bow Tie