Monday, April 22, 2013

Bunny Ears Scrunchies by Sewing Mama

Night everyone , wohoooo
how's your week guys ? let me know a bit about your week, is it fun or bored ? i want to know haha

well, today , i am about to introduce my new baby hmmm baby ? yap my baby ! 
Sewing Mama by Cancalita , another line of mine, but this one only for hair stuffs, why hair ? yap, i just want to make you, girls, look so fabolous with not just ordinary hair, no need to do a lot of things , just add some cute stuffs on your beautiful hair.
i just made my first hair-accessories project , they are Bunny Ears Scrunchies , why bunny ? i just think that bunny always walks with a word called happiness.

say hello to my babies !

Pattern Perfection
 Scrunchie is a one of hair stuff which very popular on 80's teen world. Yea because i love vintage , i still give a little bit taste of my passion, vintage.
I used some my favorite pattern, floral, polcadot, and squary.
I also give them names which describe their personality.

She is Aalish ( noble kind , French ). She is so mature, smart and love to read some books, She is the charming one

Second, She is Sherre ( Darling, French ). She loves summer , grass, sky, and nature-travels, the cloudless one

Third, She is Amanda ( must be loved, Latin ). Baby Amanda , She is black but she is cute, also so romantic , the lovable one

Last, She is Elayne ( brigth light, French ). Baby Elayne, she is a bit boyish , loves purple , and she is so easy-going, the humble one

"There are two sides for everything, My side and the wrong one" - Happy Bunny quotes
Girls, they just want 10k IDR from your pocket for each Bunny ears scrunchie.
also we will take 1K IDR for every purchase for charity , we will give your money to some children who need that money more than us.
how to order ?
send us an email to
or text us on +628562822886
also follow us on @sewingmamaind

wait for our next amazing project guys !

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