Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dashing Baby Shoes by Sewing Mama Indonesia

Hello kiddos ! well, honestly this week i am too busy with my new brand "Sewing Mama" 's projects, the new one is Dashing Baby Shoes by Sewing Mama Vol. 1
I made this baby shoes like i made a cup of tea for my love, with all my heart , added some cuteness as the sugar, some cheerfullness as the hot water, and some cosiness as the cup.
So this shoes have complete formula to rock your baby , mom !

The Vol.1 we proudly present baby AIMEE and baby AURELIE
both of them have different personality.
i will tell you a bit about them then.....

First is AIMEE , She is cheerful and cute. She is a bit boyish , and easy going.
made from import quality flanel and safe suede thread material for baby as the bows.

see, how cute she is ! she is introducing her self to all gorgeous mom in this whole world.

Second is AURELIE, she is beauty and classy, so love to attend some party. Made from black and maroon import quality flanel with safe faux gold material for baby.

She is so adorable, her taste, her attitude, and the way she introduces her self to all mom in this world.

we are very concerned with the cosiness of the baby , so we are very carefully in choosing the shoes materials . We also always make the overload cuteness original design for all of our shoes. Aimee and Aurelie is a little start of our provement that every baby also can do fashion as fast as they can, Gorgeous Mom will have Gorgeous Baby too :)))

 PS: heyaaa i also did cut my hair , not make it shorter , just make it more has a shape

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