Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yin and Yang

whoaaa long time no share anything in this lovely place, today , mmm it is not about my outfits, but i do have a plan to make a post about my outfits, i am just waiting for my shoes, and i am so ready for my next outfits post.

today today today i want to share about my photo project, about a few day ago. A bit sexy , just a bit hahaha sometimes i don't know how to look so sexy , what i have to do with my eyes, my lips, or hands , hair, some way to be the sexy baby haha .

aaaa love this photo so much so much so much , even i made this as my twitter ava , bbm's display picture, and cover photo on my facebook.
don't know , it's just my back photo actually , but i do really love my back shape.

some things happened to me lately , the bad and the good, like the yin and the yang. when something bad happened to me, a day after , i got something good.

 The bad even worse was Bizal's accident , yep he got a really bad accident , until the car burned, made me so speechless when someone called me at the middle of the night said that bizal was in a hospital bcs an accident , he crashed the truck, and the car burned  (i was ready for my bed and pajama), directly i drove my car to the hospital alone, so fast about 70-80 km/h, i was so scared , i was dying scared, i couldn't think , i couldn't say anything, i just wished that everything was okay, Bizal was okay.
and hospital, emergency room, i saw Bizal there , i felt so lucky , i still could see Bizal there, with a bit smile and a bit tears. I could say anything , i thanked to God for what He gave to Bizal, second chance.
Bizal told me that the car burned, the doors locked, his legs pinned, and he resigned, he was thinking that that night was his last night, last night met his parents and me.
And i said " don't tell me about what happened to you, tell me about what do you feel right now"

The Good, i know that Bizal loves me with his everything. I don't care he is ( not permanently ) one leg guy ( i can be your left leg ) , he can't drive ( i can drive for you, wherever you want) , he can't visit me ( i can visit you ), her hair is so messy ( i can tidy it up for you ), he finds so hard to eat ( i can be your hands ), i wanna be everything you need , i do!

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