Monday, May 6, 2013


howahhh blue day blue day , no not a blue day in sad day , but it's CHELSEA DAY !
i am dying hard Chelsea Supporter !
since when ? since i don't know, i love football , which is barclays, or la liga, or bundesliga, i love all, and i am enjoying all of that .
But gladly i will say " I AM THE BLUES ! "

I am part of @CISCSolo member , and also a babe of @ChelseaBebsSolo
they called me Canca The Feminine one , what they called about me, i do love , whatever it is. They are all just like my family, my second family. 
Nobar ( i don't know the english of this word, nobar just like stream the match together with member or non member of Chelsea Supporter ), have a dinner together, talk about membership, talk about how we get Chelsea tour on July, and so much more interesting thing we can do.

But , i think i know nothing about Chelsea, i do really want to learn about chelsea, everyday, even every second. Through @KABAR_CHELSEA i know more and more about Chelsea, i know the next match , when, and where, against who, and blablabla, worth to follow.

Talking about my favorite player, no , it's not Torres, haha much girls love Torres but i am not , my favorite one is HAZARD ! i do love Hazard , and his brother too, not just because he is handsome or cute , torres is more handsome than him, oscar is more cute than him, but hazard has his power on every match , the way he runs, he kicks, he heads, he makes a goal, he has his own style.
Actually i love all players, Mata , Lampard, Oscar, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic, Luiz, Azpi, Cech, Ake, Moses, Ramires, Mikel, Betrand, Marin, Benayoun, Ba,  etc, even Turnbull.

Even i love Sturridge , Romeu, Drogba, Lukaku, and Piazon i love them. I don't care who's the manager, is that Di Matteo, Rafa , Mou, Andre Boas, Ancelotti, etc, i will support whoever he is, it's only if they also do the best for CHELSEA FC.

Girls, i think i am talking too much here haha , but I am so sure I am the Real Chelsea Indonesia Supporter Club member !
I'm CHELSEA TILL I DIE, i know i am, i'm sure i am, I'M CHELSEA TILL I DIE!

and noww back to my daily job, as a fashion blogger, still smeel so Chelsea on my outfits.

first, i wear Chelsea Jersey Away 3rd, black and yellow from my boyfriend, Bizal, he bought this at Renz Jersey Shop  , Bizal also the blues.
and denim shorts from @classtyleshop, my mom bag ( she said that this bag was her college student bag ), Nike running shoes, and DIY studded hat.

always think that Chelsea's all season jersey are the best among all soccer club in this world haaaaah hha
black and yellow, i love them 
Dortmund also has the same colour jersey , black and yellow, and i want that jersey too


Running Shoes ! love this from my first sight , love the colour, grey and tosca, actually i also need this pairs for jogging , if i don't have any karate schedule.

Second, Chelsea Jersey Home, blue , blue , blue, jingle blue all the way !
mix with ripped HW mini skirt from Missisipi, Bunny ears schrunchies from @sewingmamaind, and DIY galaxy canvas shoes !
this cloth also from my boyfriend, our 2nd year anniversary gift , love him, love this cloth also

Gold and Blue, is there any jersey better than this ? if there is , then i don't wanna know though 

i also can change the shoes into this one, this one is the best shoes i ever had, silver oxford shoes from SYAR , Canada

last but not least , CISC, Chelsea Indonesia Supporter Club tees, be the member then you will get some kewl thingies! 

you will get ID Card, Stickers, and T-shirt if you get hurry be the member of CISC , Chelsea Indonesia Supporter Club
Then, how to be the member ? ask your district CISC club ;)

pick my postman bag , and candy oxford shoes also from SYAR, Canada, with boyish pants. You will get the best and simplest look for Nobar haha

this photo shows you about shoes i wear for my Chelsea outfits, if you'are looking for sporty look go pick the running shoes, sporty but chick go for galaxy shoes, sporty elegant go for sliver oxford, and cute sporty babe go for the candy oxford!

well, that's all for today, this post gonna be my longest post ! hha
mucholoves !

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