Sunday, May 26, 2013

Confession of Long Weekend part. II

well, this one is the second part of my 9 to 13 weekend holiday, what's the last day i told you about ? hmmm it was about bromo trip right ?

the night of that bromo trip was the Chelsea's match , so i wished fully wished that before the match began i was already at home stay.
and it was okay i was a little bit late for the match, but i still could see how chelsea won that match.
after the match i thought that i was falling asleep, sooooooo loudly. Until Yosev came, woke me up so hard, told me to washed my face, and changed my clothes, we were ready for Ceker Laknat , but i was so sleepy until i said that "you didn't have to count me in, i want to sleep so bad" but then at last, i was there , i was at Ceker Laknat. Ceker is a chicken's feet, laknat mmm maybe because that things were so spicy, that things were taste so good, chilli with pepper, but i thought the pepper was too much, until i felt my lips got burned -,- 
We didn't take any picture , because we were too busy to eat that food haha 
after that we went to SOB to have a little Shisha night, Dyta, Yosev, Tomi, Hendra, and Arif happily played with their card , and me ? i was falling asleep again -,- , so sure, i slept on my chair, i was too tired, and needed a little heavenly rest before went back home the next day.

last day huh, Dyta had a plan to look around Batu in a really early morning with her sister, but i said that so sorry i thought i wouldn't go with them , because i had to have a little rest before a long driving day.
butttttt, in fact , our body got sooooooooo un-friend-able, my hands yep both of my hands were swollen and Dyta's body got so sick, so Arif called a masseur to do massage for me and dyta

so, we decided to put off our "going-back-home" schedule.
That day, that painfull day, i wanted to have Hot Cui Mie, soooo much, Yosev, Dikky, and Hendra were being so kind to make my "i-want-cui-mie-before-i-am-going-back-home -  : ( " came trueee 
finally, i had my Cui Mie ^^

at night, because Dyta got so curious with Mie Setan, we took Dyta there! yea just took her there, and we would see what would happen on the following day ^^
Hendra gave challenge for Dyta to eat The highest level of Mie Setan, with about 60 chilies inside that noodle -,- errrrrrr i said zillion times i won't eat that food

i didn't know what was going on inside her brain -,- she ate that thing, that thing, that wasn't spicy noodle, totally not, that was mmm chillies with noodle , yea chillies fucking fresh chillies with noodle 
About the drink, it called as Es Genderuwo, i don't know why, the restaurant named it that way , contained of some strawberry , kiwi, apples, cincau ( -,- ), ice tube, and water

Dyta started to eat that thing, my stomach went wrong, what ? yea saw dyta ate that food, my stomach slightly went wrong uhhh

after about half hour later, she made it ! she made it ! hendra got bitten by Dyta ! 
yuhuuuuu yaaaaaaaa *pompomparty

Hendra, Dyta, Yosev

Dikky, Me, Hendra

Home Stay, and slept heavenly ^^


Last day, so sad , we had to go home, faced the reality that we are college student, had a lot of tasks to finish to, no holiday left, okay come here task -,-

uuu felt so hard to walk out over this city, the weather, the people, the food, everything , i love every-single-thing they gave on my little long weekend.

believe it or not, when we found some branching paths, we would ask each other " which one we take?" and one of us would say " turn right, that's Malang, go turn right, please" :(

we thought that we were not so ready to leave Malang, we needed more days, about a week maybe, or more than a week if that's possible for us. There are a lot of things we do really want to do, with our beloved friends, Yosev, Hendra, Arif, Tomi, Dikky, Hanafi, even Debby , the one i hadn't seen before.

Guys, thanks for everything you have done for us, you are all more than just friends, we are family, share each other story, just like we have known each other over 28903789 years, about school, family, love, even some embarassing things.
 You guys promise us to count us in on our next trip, one day you have to pay that out ! 
see you next time guys, you know, there is no word worth to say for your kindness.

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