Monday, June 24, 2013

Travelling Blog

this one is not gonna be an outfits post , i just want to tell you guys , finally i have made my own travelling blog!

so i won't write about my travelling days here again. My new blog called " little jump of a little girl "
of course me the little girl haha
why i made this travelling blog ? since i love travelling so much, then my friends asked me to make a travelling blog page
so, this is it .. i made it haha
travelling blog

kindly, click that photo above, that photo will bring you walk around my travelling blog, guys, i hope you are all enjoy my new page , you know i love you xoxo haha

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Story about Rupert


" it's hard to find a perfect partner ... it's easier to find a wife " Trapp Lester on The Cardturner

wuuuu , this morning was different than my yesterday and yesterday and yesterday morning, i woke up with new friend slept on my side, nothing i could do except gave him a hug.
His name is Rupert Mr. Germany. Rupert stands for bright fame. Bizal came to my house yesterday , we went to the movie , while i still got mad at him, after we did watch the movie, bizal came with Rupert and they both said sorry , of course , the one who had to ask was bizal, saw Rupert face , i couldn't say no :(
he is so lovely......

unbelievable ! Rupert loves The Beatles too, he wears official merchandise from The Beatles, and i wear The Beatles tees , of course , big yay , from Route 28 ! if you have red all my posts , some of my posts were about Route 28 tees !
You guys have to eat Route 28 products up, they have some full of  cool-ness tees design, with affordable price , they will give you both a great design and a comfortable fabric.

a double unbelievable, Rupert also ha a dream to be an architect an civil engineer, just like my dad was ! whoooah

So i do allow Rupert to wear my dad Giorgio Armani slim fit shirt , hmmm i think he is the only one bear with Giorgio Armani on it. 
this part make me remember about my dad , sometimes he asked me to go with him , to go "Field Trip", i love the way he was busy on some Project papers, yesterday or tomorrow.
The way their staffs gave a huge respect on him , the way my dad tried to be close to all his staffs, all !
Haha and i think, Adhi Karya has found the new Project Leader and "Staff Direksi", Rupert is ....

a triple unbelievable !
Rupert loves Chelsea too !
he brings his own jerseyyyy !
he says " Fernando Torres .. Chelsea number 9 !"
while, i am wearing away kit 13/14 with Hazard's name on my back. Bizal, bought me this, he always knows what i want before i tell him about..

9 and 17 , we can be a great bestfriend and a partner :))))
kindly check this youtube

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dad! I am Rebel-ing Up

" whoever i want to be when i grow up, with whom i will married, i am still my daddy's little princess...."

just told ya a second ago, whoever i am, i am my dad's little princess. yeay ! how much i love my daddy ? don't ask ! even word can't describe how much i love him.
So today, i wear my dad's raglan t-shirt wuuuu , i am his proud daughter haha my dad had an everlasting young spirit, he had bunch t-shirts like i wear.
when i asked him to accompany me wherever i wanted , he would use his t-shirt , polo, or basic, his shorts, or basic jeans, and his converse sneakers!
you can ask everyone who knows my daddy, that's his amazing fact !
behind his suit and tie, his heart belonged to this t-shirt.

Denim vest , i cut the sleeves ! haha Denim vest by Lee Cooper , I mmm i bought this when i was in 7 grade hhu and still fit on me !
Ripped shorts by Roxy , this one also had bought when i was in 7 grade , still have the same size :')
The Pop Art The Beatles bag by Whitehare Shop, dying love with this bag, they can make your own design tote bag with a pretty low price !
The sneakers by Converse, haven't washed this babies yet since i bought them :')
and sheer black stocking by Sox Gallery

Down-hill biking was one of his hobby, he'd love that things so much. sometimes he asked me to join with him, but i was too afraid of falling down over the hill haha.

 his biking friends just went to my home yesterday, and they gave me photos the last biking event my dad joined.
they said that my dad was a very talented biker, had no fear of anything , every paths he took them with no fear, jumped and blinked his eyes, and everyone laughed :)
that's my daddy, my only one daddy in this world !
Since daddy passed away , i use his bike, just for having a little city tour hhu  , never ever think to do down-hill too, even a second hha

 whoahh as deep as i try to remember everything about my dad, as deep my heart miss my daddy too. 
890753947 words in this post will never enough to tell you how amazing my daddy was

Thursday, June 6, 2013

who says holiday is over ?

whoahhh please days go faster , 2 days more, and i will be there , Semarang !
yeah i am about to go to Semarang for watching my favorite jazz indie band, Aljabar !
ahhhh i hope they will sing Asa, and Spellbound that day !
those are the best !

though i am just gonna be there for only 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, i do have manage my outfits ! lalalala haha

First , this is the outfit for watching Aljabar, a much vintage !

i'm gonna wear studded blouse by @classtyleshop , vintage pattern skirt ad earrings by @WhatIWoreStuff, brown leather bag by Tocco Toscano Italy , Nude colour Moccasine Shoes by Iconinety9 , Sunnies by Karen Walker

this is how the studded looks ! so lovely , i just loved her at the first sight, when Selly (the owner) uploaded her on her instagram page

zillion times i'm falling in love with this pairs, triangle shaped, with simple pattern and the colour ! suit on every pieces i wear

it was my mom's ! yeah it was when she was a student , i can feel that she had the same fashion taste with me , the thing i should proud of hahaha

my daily shoes ! i wear this pairs to everywhere i want, college, hang out, tea party with friends, movie marathon with my beloved one, and this shoes will always be my friends wherever i go...

Karen Walker! Can you see the word "Karen Walker" on the left side of my sunnies? how i much love this sunnies, i bought this from my friend, a bit expensive and hard to find this sunnies , because some of online shops have the similar glasses but not Karen Walker :(

2nd day, yapsss this outfits gonna be my friend on my second day at Semarang, i have a plan to see what Sham Poo Kong , and Kota Lama looks like.
and maybe a little window shopping there, but i am so sure i am not gonna buy something , i promise God, because i have thrown much money in this early mont , how stupid i am

again and again @classtyleshop 's lovely stuffs ! again and again, i hate you Selly Amelia :')))))))))
a dotty dress by The Gorgoeus one ..... (drum rolls) @classtyleshop! , Shine Bright Oxford Shoes by S.Y.A.R Canada, Flowery Vintage bag by Anna Sui, and my pink iPhone capdase !

Add caption
the detail of her collar, round collar ! and she has a bit backless style of clothes hook

hoaaaa this shoes ! i was dying die for this pairs, i had to make a sweet promise to my dad, that i wouldn't buy any shoes for 6 months :')
and i didn't regret it at all!

 some addition thingies, bag ! of course, a little brown flowery bag by Anna Sui, i bought this at The Secret , Bandung, i have the brown and the pink one!
there are also mint, peach, black, and broken white colour, but i didn't bought them haha

well, that is a sort of what i am gonna wear for my "2 days for Semarang" a couple day later, Saturday please comes faster, Ameennnnnnnnn

and sorry, who says holiday is over ?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back to Summer Paradise

there was nothing better than had a travelling day in the middle of week, left all my drawing task, left all my bussines projects, left everything behind, took a little rest , and whoooooza , i was there, b e a c h  

 i love beach so much, never enough to have beach a whole my life, yesterday i went to Indrayanti Beach (again) with my @CISCSolo friends
yesterday was thursday and i did leave my class, and i didn't feel any guilty, at all 

i was too happy that day , everything made me happy yesterday , the beach, the people, the weather, the sun, the wind, the wave, the foods and of course my outfits
i wore white , clean, soft, and..... delight

i didn't wanna wear something too colourful, i just wore my white Missisipi dress, Unbranded Summer hat, bali-bali bag, Primark heart-shaped glasses, and Jelly Mint slippers

Jelly Mint slippers and Primark Glasses

Primark glasses

unbranded summer hat

So sad when Bizal started to remember me again that he have to leave Indonesia on June 28th, i had nothing to say

he said that we can do anything before he leave, if i want beach , then let's we go to the beach, if i want mountain, then let's we go to the mountain, if i want ride a bike, then let's we ride the bike together

“everything..” he said, everything...

but i want nothing , i want nothing more than spend my day with him, spend my birthday , my summer holiday

come back home soon my prince charming :( 

out of that box, left the sad feeling behind, me and CISC Solo friends had a really great trip there, laughed, talked alot, shared alot, ate the fishes, took some pictures, sang the chants, etc

they're more than just my friends....

they're my family :) , the best place where i share everything

every single tears my eyes should fall them down, suddenly gone :)

they are my brothers ...

 they are my sisters .....

with my best team ever ....

deepest thank you for you all guys...

Brown Bow Tie