Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back to Summer Paradise

there was nothing better than had a travelling day in the middle of week, left all my drawing task, left all my bussines projects, left everything behind, took a little rest , and whoooooza , i was there, b e a c h  

 i love beach so much, never enough to have beach a whole my life, yesterday i went to Indrayanti Beach (again) with my @CISCSolo friends
yesterday was thursday and i did leave my class, and i didn't feel any guilty, at all 

i was too happy that day , everything made me happy yesterday , the beach, the people, the weather, the sun, the wind, the wave, the foods and of course my outfits
i wore white , clean, soft, and..... delight

i didn't wanna wear something too colourful, i just wore my white Missisipi dress, Unbranded Summer hat, bali-bali bag, Primark heart-shaped glasses, and Jelly Mint slippers

Jelly Mint slippers and Primark Glasses

Primark glasses

unbranded summer hat

So sad when Bizal started to remember me again that he have to leave Indonesia on June 28th, i had nothing to say

he said that we can do anything before he leave, if i want beach , then let's we go to the beach, if i want mountain, then let's we go to the mountain, if i want ride a bike, then let's we ride the bike together

“everything..” he said, everything...

but i want nothing , i want nothing more than spend my day with him, spend my birthday , my summer holiday

come back home soon my prince charming :( 

out of that box, left the sad feeling behind, me and CISC Solo friends had a really great trip there, laughed, talked alot, shared alot, ate the fishes, took some pictures, sang the chants, etc

they're more than just my friends....

they're my family :) , the best place where i share everything

every single tears my eyes should fall them down, suddenly gone :)

they are my brothers ...

 they are my sisters .....

with my best team ever ....

deepest thank you for you all guys...


  1. Flying high, up in the sky, we'll keep the blue flag flying high :D


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