Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dad! I am Rebel-ing Up

" whoever i want to be when i grow up, with whom i will married, i am still my daddy's little princess...."

just told ya a second ago, whoever i am, i am my dad's little princess. yeay ! how much i love my daddy ? don't ask ! even word can't describe how much i love him.
So today, i wear my dad's raglan t-shirt wuuuu , i am his proud daughter haha my dad had an everlasting young spirit, he had bunch t-shirts like i wear.
when i asked him to accompany me wherever i wanted , he would use his t-shirt , polo, or basic, his shorts, or basic jeans, and his converse sneakers!
you can ask everyone who knows my daddy, that's his amazing fact !
behind his suit and tie, his heart belonged to this t-shirt.

Denim vest , i cut the sleeves ! haha Denim vest by Lee Cooper , I mmm i bought this when i was in 7 grade hhu and still fit on me !
Ripped shorts by Roxy , this one also had bought when i was in 7 grade , still have the same size :')
The Pop Art The Beatles bag by Whitehare Shop, dying love with this bag, they can make your own design tote bag with a pretty low price !
The sneakers by Converse, haven't washed this babies yet since i bought them :')
and sheer black stocking by Sox Gallery

Down-hill biking was one of his hobby, he'd love that things so much. sometimes he asked me to join with him, but i was too afraid of falling down over the hill haha.

 his biking friends just went to my home yesterday, and they gave me photos the last biking event my dad joined.
they said that my dad was a very talented biker, had no fear of anything , every paths he took them with no fear, jumped and blinked his eyes, and everyone laughed :)
that's my daddy, my only one daddy in this world !
Since daddy passed away , i use his bike, just for having a little city tour hhu  , never ever think to do down-hill too, even a second hha

 whoahh as deep as i try to remember everything about my dad, as deep my heart miss my daddy too. 
890753947 words in this post will never enough to tell you how amazing my daddy was

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