Sunday, June 16, 2013

Story about Rupert


" it's hard to find a perfect partner ... it's easier to find a wife " Trapp Lester on The Cardturner

wuuuu , this morning was different than my yesterday and yesterday and yesterday morning, i woke up with new friend slept on my side, nothing i could do except gave him a hug.
His name is Rupert Mr. Germany. Rupert stands for bright fame. Bizal came to my house yesterday , we went to the movie , while i still got mad at him, after we did watch the movie, bizal came with Rupert and they both said sorry , of course , the one who had to ask was bizal, saw Rupert face , i couldn't say no :(
he is so lovely......

unbelievable ! Rupert loves The Beatles too, he wears official merchandise from The Beatles, and i wear The Beatles tees , of course , big yay , from Route 28 ! if you have red all my posts , some of my posts were about Route 28 tees !
You guys have to eat Route 28 products up, they have some full of  cool-ness tees design, with affordable price , they will give you both a great design and a comfortable fabric.

a double unbelievable, Rupert also ha a dream to be an architect an civil engineer, just like my dad was ! whoooah

So i do allow Rupert to wear my dad Giorgio Armani slim fit shirt , hmmm i think he is the only one bear with Giorgio Armani on it. 
this part make me remember about my dad , sometimes he asked me to go with him , to go "Field Trip", i love the way he was busy on some Project papers, yesterday or tomorrow.
The way their staffs gave a huge respect on him , the way my dad tried to be close to all his staffs, all !
Haha and i think, Adhi Karya has found the new Project Leader and "Staff Direksi", Rupert is ....

a triple unbelievable !
Rupert loves Chelsea too !
he brings his own jerseyyyy !
he says " Fernando Torres .. Chelsea number 9 !"
while, i am wearing away kit 13/14 with Hazard's name on my back. Bizal, bought me this, he always knows what i want before i tell him about..

9 and 17 , we can be a great bestfriend and a partner :))))
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  2. Coba setiap postingan kamu, kamu kasih "read more"... selain untuk memperingan loading home... itu juga bisa nambah visitor :D

    keep blogging ya :)

    1. want it but i don't know how to do that haha

    2. caranya kalo kamu nulisnya di blogspot langsung...
      setiap kamu buat postingan...

      dan kamu mau kasih read more kamu klik aja gambar kertas yang sobek atau disebut "insert jump break"...


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