Thursday, July 11, 2013

Duoble, Double, Double

one is not enough , indeed
So, today finally i have my long long long holiday, wuhuuu have done all my fucking awesome task :') 
i have done all my best so i wish for the great GPA as the result of all my sweats and tears haha lebai

well, so in this lovely thursday , i slightly think about my fashion blog, since i am too busy with my traveling blog, " I'm gonna wear my dotty dress, with my mary jane pump..." but .. then .. "my ballerina shoes too.. "
that is why i say one is not enough

First, this dress , this lovely dotty pinky dress made by @classtyleshop , again ? yeah, again they have a dying cute dress :') , this dress, gonna be the main actress of this post.

The material ? hmm i don't really know the name, but it falls like a really soft pattern chiffon, but it has a smoother pattern than chiffon, and also there is a fabric inside the chiffon.
i love the curve of the sleeves, that fit perfectly, and also the neck , and the back side, even i love the neck button.

and about the shoes, this Mary Jane pumps, i really love this pairs, love the colour, i can wear it with every colour i want, thos shoes are 15 cms height, and very cmfortable, this pairs are handmade, and i made it at my town local brand, Kapow Folkshoes

i really love the pict above, even when it came blurry :')
The bag from Anna Sui , the brown floral one, i have the same type bag with different colour, the other one is pinkh ! 

 and about the socks, well i made it, yeah my hands made it, it was so hard to find the lace socks on my size, so i decided to make it hheu

Second shoes are from @dreamhopeshoes ! kya kya kya i did really wanted ballerina shoes before, until i drew something smells balle shoes, and fin-happy-ally , my boyfriend gave this shoes as the farewell gift, he had to go to Germany, ahhhh this part is the saddest one, when i realize i can't meet him for a long time :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
The bag, i got it from DONINI , when my mom bought a bag, and this bag was the pocket for the bag's keychain

and for my hair, i need something cute as cute as my shoes, so i wear Bunny ears schruncie from @sewingmamaind

forget the pain forget the sad, this is holiday, i juts want to make my days really feel like holiday !
love you all guys, have an awesome days holiday!

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