Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PRODUCTIVE HOLIDAY #1 : DIY Vintage Flowers ( Room Decoration )

doesn't mean you are in holiday so you don't have anything to do with 

This morning i opened my childhood photo album, and found little Canca inside
i miss that moment so much, miss my childhood days
Kindergarten, is the most moment i want to go back to, i studied in Japanese kindergarten school, so whole days were full of papers, art, pencil colour, ribbon, every cute little things.

I remember, one day , my teacher told me how to make a flower from a paper, plain paper, just white 
i do really remember how to make it, and i think i will do it for the second time, the same thing, in different age.


First, what you need  .. are magazines, jars, pearls, double-side tape, acrylic colour paint, ribbon, and some sticks (you can also use straws)

 And what you have to do first is , paint the sticks ! 
not always white, but i want to make it a bit vintage , so i paint my sticks white

and voilaaa, you have your white sticks, do that to all sticks you have, mmm i think i will make 8 vintage flowers.

while waiting for the sticks become dry, you can put all your fake pearl inside the jar, i use white and pinkh! colour, and yea they are there inside the jar, how cuttte

and i give a pinkh! suede ribbon on my jar's neck to make it more sweet

and voila, this jar far away good and full of cuteness

and then, i choose 8 papers ( as much as sticks you have) with different colour, there is a brown, a pinkh!, a purple, a dark blue, a blue, a white, a sky blue, and a yellow

this is how to make the flower, you have to flip your paper become a half length of the original size , so the size is like the picture below

and then flip again, smaller , so your paper will like what i have below

and also flip the other side

and this is it , the first step how to make the flower

second, make some fringes on that paper

voilaaaa, the fringe paper is ready to roll haaha

put your stick on the un-fringed part of your paper, and give a bit double-side tape between the sticks and paper

just like this .....

and roll it roll it up !

and yay ! you make your first magazine vintage flower ! secure the edge of the paper with double-side tape, stick it around the edge of the paper

and put your flower inside the pearl jar !

Roll all the papers you have , and they will make you smile everyday haha

you can put your Vintage Flower near your window, they seems so cute over there ...

or you can put them near you perfumes  ....

and you can also put them on your accessories corner , they will make your corner become so cute 

So that's how i do recycle to my old magazine, i don't just let them fulfill my book corner, i make it more worthy to keep

Well thank you for enjoying my DIY Room Decoration Post, if you have made The Magazine Vintage Flowers too, upload your photo to instagram or twitter, with ProductiveHoliday hash tag, #ProdutiveHoliday

See you on my next Productive Holiday post , lovee yaa <3

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